Research Staff



Dr. Huang Jiangshuai  -  Research Fellow

Research Areas              -  An Integrated Solution for Optimal Generation Operation Efficiency through                                            Dynamic Economic Dispatch— Forecasting and Optimization

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Dr. Yu Chao        -  Research Fellow

Research Areas  -  Modelling with Renormalization Group and Randomization
                               Machine Learning
                               Control & System Identification

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Dr. Sivanand      -  Research Fellow

Research Areas  -  Energy Management Systems in Smart Distribution Systems
                               Power System resiliency
                               Active network management
                               Electricity markets & Multi-agent systems applications in smart grids

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Dr. Anupam Trivedi   - Research Fellow

Research Areas          - Power system optimization
                                      Evolutionary algorithms
                                      Multi-objective optimization

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Dr. Zhang Dan Jason - Research Fellow

Research Areas           - An integrated solution for optimal generation operation efficiency through                                                   Dynamic Economic dispatch optimization part
                                       Distributed control
                                       Networked control systems

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Prasanna I V        - Research Associate

Research Areas    - Renewable Energy Management Systems for Smart Grid applications
                                Design, development & control of high performance power electronic converters
                                Optimized & high efficient power supply architectures (AC/DC ) for future Green Data Centers
                                Robotics in rehabilitation - Myo-electric controlled assistive devices

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Anurag Sharma, PhD - Research Scholor

Research Topic - Multi-Agent Based Fault Restoration for Distributed Energy Systems






Swathi Battula     - Research Engineer

Research Areas   - Energy Management in Smart Distribution Systems
                               Modeling and handling of uncertainties in smart grids
                               Electricity markets and economics of electric power grids
                               Multi-agent system applications in smart grids

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