Research Grants

  1. Chief Investigator, Quantification, optimisation, and application of deep uncertainty ;Funding agency: Australian Research Council, 2019-2022.

  2. Principal Investigator, Ensemble Prediction for Double Seasonal Time Series in Supply Chain ;Funding agency: SIMTECH, 2018-2020.

  3. Co-Investigator, Intelligent Demand Management for Resilient Power Market; Funding agency: EMA, 2018-2021.

  4. Principal Investigator (NUS), Targeting High Productivity Workforces via Data-Centric Transfer Optimization in the Internet Era; Funding agency: AI Singapore Research Programme, 2018‐2021.

  5. Co‐PI, Advanced Solar Power Forecasting for Safe and Reliable PV Grid Integration in Singapore; Funding agency: National Research Foundation (NRF), 2018‐2021.

  6. Co-PI, Energy Storage Systems Test-Bed project - Grid Management and Analysis; Funding agency: Energy Market Authority (EMA), 2017‐2020.
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