Research Grants

    Ongoing projects

  1. Principal Investigator, An integrated solution for optimal generation operation efficiency through dynamic economic dispatch; Funding agency: Energy Market Authority Singapore (EIRP),Total fund-SGD 2,072,512 [2013‐2017]

  2. Principal Investigator, Risk Assessment And Uncertainty Management Framework For  Smart Grids; Funding agency: Ministry of Education,Singapore (MOE‐ARF),
    Total fund-SGD 1,70,000 [2015‐2018]

  3. Co‐PI, Power Grid Stability With an Increasing Share of Renewables (such as Solar) in Singapore; Funding agency: National Research Foundation (NRF‐CRP),
    Total fund-SGD 2,543,000 [2013‐2016]

  4. Co‐PI, Intelligent Information Management System In Smart Buildings Using Multi‐Agent‐Enabled Wireless Sensor‐Actuator Networks; Funding agency: Building & Construction Authority, Singapore,Total fund-SGD 968,500 [2014‐2017]

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