Research Grants

    1.       Principal Investigator, An Integrated Solution for Optimal Generation Operation Efficiency through Dynamic Economic Dispatch ,  2013 - 2017 ,  Funding Agency: Energy Market Authority - EMA

    The project proposes, develops and delivers an integrated solution for generation efficiency management for power plants. The fundamental motivation for this project is that there is a significant demand for innovative and scalable vertical solutions in advanced metering, plant modelling, condition monitoring and forecast, and optimum operational efficiency.  It is a collaborative project with two industrial partners: YTL PowerSeraya is a GenCo in the business of producing, wholesaling, trading and retailing of energy which owns a power plant in Singapore with 4 combine-cycle gas-based units; and  PowerAutomation Pte Ltd which provides power system control and substation automation solutions in Southeast Asia.  The key objective of this project is to combine the know-how and experience of the three partners to develop cost effective and scalable technologies for sensing, modelling, forecasting, control, optimization and efficiency improvement.

    2.       Principal Investigator, Risk Assessment And Uncertainty Management Framework For Smart Grids,  2015 - 2018 ,  Funding Agency: Ministry of Education - MOE

    In this project, we are developing a comprehensive model to manage a self-organized resilient distribution grid, capable of handling generation, load, and forecast uncertainties, and minimizing interruptions to power supply. A distributed control and management platform is being developed for active grid management, including the capability to adapt to different power system configurations and the ever-changing power grid conditions. This project complements another project managed by the department of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) so that the comprehensive uncertainty modelling and quantification framework being developed by ISE department will be used to perform risk analysis of the integrated power system..

    3.       Co-PI, Intelligent Information Management System In Smart Buildings Using Multi‐Agent‐Enabled Wireless Sensor‐Actuator Networks ,  2013 - 2017 ,  Funding Agency: National Research foundation - Building & Construction Authority(NRF-BCA)

    This research focuses on system-level amalgamation of state-of-the-art technologies in wireless communication, network management and computational intelligence. The main intention is to deploy and manage the wireless sensor-actuator network in an energy efficient manner using multi-agent design and use the real-time information from sensors. The work in being carried out with our industrial collaborators NXP Semiconductors Singapore Pte Ltd and  Jurong Town Corporation.

    4.       Co-PI, Innovative Power System Control And Energy Management For Solar PV Hybrid Systems Using Forecasting and Multiobjective Optimization Techniques for Advanced and Economic Diesel Replacement Business ,  2013 - 2017 ,  Funding Agency: National Research foundation

    This research project aims to develop an innovative power system control and energy management system for solar PV hybrid systems, which generate electricity at the least cost at any given point-in-time, while ensuring grid stability and lowest loss of load probability (LOLP) levels. This will be achieved by developing innovative multi-objective optimisation algorithms, designing and implementing high-performance power electronic converters and applying leading-edge forecasting techniques on supply and demand side to minimise both diesel run-hours and battery size while maintaining grid stability and meeting the load at any time.

    5.       Co-PI, Power Grid Stability With an Increasing Share of Renewables (such as Solar) in Singapore ,  2013 - 2016 ,  Funding Agency: CRP - National Research Foundation

    This research project aims to address and solve one of the most paramount and pressing topic the Singapore power grid operator and regulators face in the next decade: how to ensure a stable and reliable grid operation with an increasing share of electricity generation coming from widely-distributed, intermittent renewables, especially solar photovoltaics (PV). The goal of this research is to analyze the Singapore Power grid for its suitability for a large share of energy supply from intermittent generation. The project will identify and address the potential for optimisation in system design, components and system management, and to develop suitable innovative solutions for the required operations management, as well as for balancing demand and supply during times of intermittency.

    6.       Principal Investigator, Dynamic Optimization and Energy Management for Smartgrids ,  2013 - 2016 ,  Funding Agency: Energy Market Authority - National Research Foundation

    This project leads to design, development, and test bedding of innovative technologies for the next generation of Smart Grids is being carried out. This project addresses two aspects of Smart Grid modelling and simulation. First one relates to the development of intelligent control and optimization algorithms, and the second one relates to their implementation and testing in hardware, both at small microgrid level in the lab, as well as, on moderately large scale level using a Real Time Digital Simulator (RTDS) to simulate a Smart Grid. This project, which is a collaboration between the National University of Singapore and industrial partner SP PowerGrid, aims to develop intelligent computational tools incorporating efficiency optimisation and decision making algorithms that will equip grid operators with enhanced capabilities to receive automated grid fault diagnosis, carry out scenario planning and make optimised decisions in managing the Smart Grid. A total of 10 journal papers and 17 international conference papers have been published/accepted based on the work performed for this project.

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