Research Area

Biomedical Electromagnetics

We develop advanced electromagnetic structures for wireless powering, sensing, and communication within the human body. In particular, we study and exploit interactions between radio-frequency fields and biological materials across the near- to far- field regimes. We also explore methods to integrate such structures in conformal devices suitable for high-performance use on non-planar body surfaces.

Miniaturized Bioelectronic Devices

We are developing a wireless bioelectronic platform to study, detect, and treat diseases in situ within living systems. By integrating advanced wireless technologies with sensors and actuators, we aim to engineer fully implantable devices for continuous monitoring and treatment in scientific and translational models of disease.

Translational Wireless Technologies

We study biomedical wireless systems computationally and in large, human-scale animal models. We seek to draw insights from physical principles to develop broad engineering solutions for unmet challenges in system performance. We apply these solutions to demonstrate approaches to wirelessly power and communicate with bioelectronic devices in previously inaccessible regions of the body.

Wireless Photonic Devices

We design miniaturized photonic devices for wireless light delivery deep into living systems. Applications of these devices include activation or inhibition of neural activity using optogenetics and light-based cancer therapy. These technologies enable highly precise therapies by combining the spatiotemporal control of bioelectronics with the molecular selectivity of light.