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> November 19, 2021 Ze, Sippanat, and Sophie's paper on a wireless infection sensor was published in Science Advances. Coverage by Scientific American, STAT, and BioSpectrum.

> October 16, 2021 Our paper on wirelessly operated sutures was featured on the cover of Nature Biomedical Engineering and in a News and Views. Read the Behind the Paper post.

> October 15, 2021 Viveka was listed as one of the SG50 Women in Tech!

> October 13, 2021 Congratulations to Zhipeng, Xiong Ze, and Chenhhui for winning the Best Paper Award (2nd Prize) at IEEE BHI-BSN 2021!

> September 12, 2021 Xiong Ze, Sippanat, and Sophie's paper on a wireless infection sensor was accepted for publication in Science Advances!

> June 30, 2021 John was featured in a profile Moving Medicine Out of the Clinic in Physics.

> June 14, 2021 Our review paper on metasurfaces for bioelectronics and healthcare was published in Nature Electronics.

> May 21, 2021 Collaboration with CT Lim Lab on a multiplexed wound sensor was published in Science Advances.

> March 16, 2021 Our article on near-field-enabled clothing is a Top 50 Physics Article of 2020 in Nature Communications.

> February 10, 2021  Zhenya and Han-Joon's work on wireless actuation was published in PRApplied.


> December 18, 2020  John recieved the Young Scientist Award at the President's Science and Technology Award ceremony. Coverage by NUS News and The Straits Times.

> November 27, 2020  Congratulations to Xiong Ze for winning 2nd place for best poster award at the MRS-Singapore Advanced Materials Conference!

> November 23, 2020  Fengyuan and Dat's paper on cascaded metasurfaces was accepted for publication in Physical Review Applied.

> November 21, 2020  Our work with Prof. Yong Zhang on photodynamic therapy was selected for the IES Achievement Award 2020.

> November 20, 2020  Zhenya passed his PhD defense. Congraulations Dr. Dong!

> November 19, 2020  Congratulations to Han-Joon and team for winning Best Paper Award at WPTC 2020!

> November 3, 2020  John and Selman's work on a remote monitoring system for COVID-19 in worker dormitories was covered by The Straits Times. This work was a collaboration with Dr. Shih-Cheng Yen, Prof. Arthur Tay, and Temasek.

> October 30, 2020  Our work on post-operative monitoring technology was featured on CNA. Congratulations to Viveka and team!

> October 28, 2020  Fengyuan passed her PhD defense. Congratuations Dr. Yang!

> September 18, 2020  Our work on near-field-enabled clothing was featured on The Straits Times, Channel News Asia, and NUS News.

> June 3, 2020  Our paper on how to redirect wireless signals around the body was published in IEEE TAP.

> January 24, 2020  Our paper on near-field-enabled clothing was published in Nature Communications.


> December 16, 2019  Collaboration with TEE Research Group on lighting up soft robots was published in Nature Materials.

> Decmber 13, 2019  Congratulations to Viveka (and team) for winning the Lotus-NUS Healthcare Innovation challenge and the ICBME Young Investigator Award!

> November 8, 2019  Our paper on wearable patterns that can enhance wireless signals from implants was published in Physical Review Applied. Coverage by Ars Technica.

> September 12, 2019  John appeared on CNA 938 radio to discuss the group's work on wearables.

> August 28, 2019  Collaboration with PYC's Lab on origami robots with wireless capabilities was published in Science Robotics.

> August 16, 2019  Our paper on wireless sensing at an exceptional point was published in Nature Electronics and featured in a News & Views. Coverage by NUS News, Lianhe Zaobao, and The Straits Times.

> August 10, 2019  Our work was highlighted in an article about advancing health through innovation in the Straits Times.

> July 18, 2019  Collaboration with the TEE Research Group on an artificial peripheral nervous system was featured on the cover of Science Robotics.

> July 15, 2019  Our paper on metamaterial textiles was featured on the cover of Nature Electronics and in a News & Views. Coverage by NUS News, Business Insider, Lianhe Zaobao, BioSpectrum, MedGadget, CNA, Reuters, The Telegraph, and NYTimes.

   Nature Electronics Cover

> June 3-7, 2019  Our work on surface plasmons propagating on clothing was presented at IEEE IMS 2019 in Boston.


> December 20, 2018  Our paper on wireless power transfer control was among the Year's Most Downloaded Editors' Pick in AIP Advances.

> November 22, 2018  Our review on powering bioelectronic microdevices was published in Bioelectronics in Medicine.

> September 16, 2018  Tian Xi and Pui Mun's paper on wireless power transfer control was featured on the front page of AIP Advances and in a Scilight.

> January 29, 2018  Our paper on wireless photonic photodynamic therapy was published in PNAS. Coverage by NUS News.


> October 31, 2017  Zhenya's paper on energy harvesting with chiral structures was published in Physical Review Applied.

> April 13, 2017  John was listed on the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia under the Healthcare & Science category.

> March 6, 2017  Paper on conformal phased surfaces published in Nature Biomedical Engineering. Read the Behind the Paper post.

> January 24, 2017  John was awarded the National Research Foundation (NRF) Fellowship.


> December 7, 2016  John was named an Innovator Under 35 in Asia by the MIT Technology Review. Coverage by NUS News, New Paper, and Asian Scientist.

> September 2, 2016 John was a recipient of the NUS Young Investigator Award 2016.

> August 16, 2016 Our work on a wireless laser was presented at IEEE EMBC 2016 in Orlando.

> June 30, 2016 Wireless powering work presented at IEEE AP-S/URSI 2016 in Puerto Rico.


> October 2, 2015  Wireless optogenetics work featured on the cover of Nature Methods.

> August 4, 2015 Self-tracking energy transfer work published in Physical Review Applied and featured on Physics.

> July 27, 2015 John started as an assistant professor at NUS.