Welcome to the NUS
Wireless Bioelectronics Group

We are an interdisciplinary team that seeks to develop bioelectronic tools to address important scientific and biomedical challenges in human health. Our current research focuses on advanced technologies for wireless powering, sensing, and communication within living systems. We integrate these technologies in bioelectronic systems and work closely with clinicians and life scientists in order to demonstrate innovative approaches to study, diagnose, and treat disease.


Block E4, Level 7, Room 18
Engineering Drive 3
Singapore 117583

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Recent News

> September 18, 2020  Our work on near-field-enabled clothing was featured on The Straits Times.

> June 3, 2020  Our paper on how to redirect wireless signals around the body was published in IEEE TAP.

> January 24, 2020  Our paper on near-field-enabled clothing was published in Nature Communications.

> December 16, 2019  Collaboration with TEE Research Group on lighting up soft robots was published in Nature Materials.

> Decmber 13, 2019  Congratulations to Viveka (and team) for winning the Lotus-NUS Healthcare Innovation challenge and the ICBME Young Investigator Award!

> November 8, 2019  Our paper on wearable patterns that can enhance wireless signals from implants was published in Physical Review Applied. Coverage by Ars Technica.

> September 12, 2019  John appeared on CNA 938 radio to discuss the group's work on wearables.

> August 28, 2019  Collaboration with PYC's Lab on origami robots with wireless capabilities was published in Science Robotics.

> August 16, 2019  Our paper on wireless sensing at an exceptional point was published in Nature Electronics and featured in a News & Views. Coverage by NUS News, Lianhe Zaobao, and Straits Times.

> August 10, 2019  Our work was highlighted in an article about advancing health through innovation in the Straits Times.

> July 18, 2019  Collaboration with the TEE Research Group on an artificial peripheral nervous system was featured on the cover of Science Robotics.

> July 15, 2019  Our paper on metamaterial textiles was featured on the cover of Nature Electronics and in a News & Views. Coverage by NUS News, Business Insider, Lianhe Zaobao, BioSpectrum, MedGadget, CNA, Reuters, The Telegraph, and NYTimes.

   Nature Electronics Cover