John TL Thong



Head of Department

Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering



Office: E4-05-20

Phone: +65-6516-2108, +65-6516-2270 (DID)

Fax: +65-6779-1130


Brief Biography

John Thong graduated with a B.A. (*1 Hons.) in Electrical Sciences and was awarded the Charles Lamb Prize from Cambridge University in 1985. He remained in Cambridge to carry out research on ultra-high speed electron beam testing, and obtained his PhD in 1989. In the same year, he was elected to a research fellowship at King’s College, Cambridge, where he remained until 1991. He joined the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at NUS in 1992, where he is currently a full professor. He was the group head of microelectronics group before being appointed the deputy head for research & graduate studies in 2010. He is currently the Head of the Department. He was the director of the Centre for IC Failure Analysis & Reliability (CICFAR) from 2000 to 2014.


He is actively involved with the IEEE Rel/CPMT/ED Chapter, Singapore Section, as an ex-co member, and with the IEEE International Symposium on the Physical & Failure Analysis of ICs (IPFA) serving on its organization committees as well as the IPFA Board.


Research Interests

Following his PhD research, my early research interests were in scanning electron microscopy and related techniques, electron-optical instruments and electron sources. His interests turned to nanotechnology in the early 2000’s, and his research group currently works on various aspects of nanomaterial synthesis, nanostructures and devices, focusing in particular on structural, electrical, and thermal properties.