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Presentation Schedule

  • Please refer to our NUS ECE GSS 2011 website for your individual schedule and please take note of your session and track number.
  • NUS ECE GSS 2011 Website:

Presentation Slides Submission

  • Participants are requested to submit the slides by 7th May 2011 to
  • Participants are NOT allowed to make any changes and/or resubmit a new copy
  • Submission file name should be as follows:
    <Session Number>_<Track Number>_<S/No>.ppt/pptx/pdf
    Eg. Session5_Track3_No3.pdf
  • To avoid any software compatibility problems (MS Powerpoint), participants are advised to submit .ppt/.pptx and .pdf versions of their presentation.

Presentation Guidelines

  • Participants should arrive in their session room 15 minutes BEFORE the start of their session to report to the chair person.
  • The duration of a presentation slot is 20 minutes. You will have 15 minutes for the presentation itself and 5 minutes for questions from the audience.
  • Participants are required to STRICTLY adhere to the timing.
  • A LCD projector & computer (Windows XP/Vista, MS Office 2007 & Acrobat Reader 8) will be available in every session room for regular presentations.
  • Overhead Projectors, 35mm slides projectors, VHS videotape player or DVD player will NOT be available.

Presentation Slides Guidelines

  • Limit the number of slides to 15 - 20.
  • Limit the number of words per visual to no more than 20.
  • Leave space, at least the height of a capital letter, between lines of text.
  • All fonts, including that on graphs, should be 18 point or larger.
  • Graphs and charts should have bold lines and symbols that contrast sharply with the background.
  • First slide should mention your name and matric number

Judging Guidelines

  • The presentations may be evaluated based on the below criteria.
  • 10 students will be shortlisted and required to submit a full length paper for a second round of evaluation.
Technical Content
Clarity of the problem definition
Clarity of the solution
Significance of the idea
Familiarity with the subject

Further information

If you need any assistance, please contact the secretariat by email –