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Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Abdullah Al Mamun
Tel: (65) 6516-2251
Email : eleaam{at}
Research interests: Disk Drive Servomechanism; Time Optimal Control for Actuators with Flexible Modes; Micro Actuators; Multi-rate signal processing in control;Mechatronics.

Arthur Tay
Tel : (65) 6516-6326
Email : eletaya{at}
Research interest: Application of Mathematical System Science tools in Semiconductor Manufacturing; Process Control; Computational Intelligence.

Ben M. Chen
Tel: (65) 6516-2289
Email: elecbm{at}
Research interests: Robust control; Linear system theory; Disk drive control applications; Development of internet based virtual laboratories and applications.

Ge Shuzhi,Sam
Tel: (65) 6516-6821
Email: elegesz{at}
Research interests: Adaptive Control; Neural Networks & Fuzzy Logic; Robot Control; Real-Time Implementation; Inertia Navigation; Mobile Robots; Genetic,Algorithms.

Hang Chang Chieh
Tel: (65) 6516-8501
Email: elehcc{at}
Research interests: Intelligent Automatic Tuning and Adaptive Control Systems; Control of Processes with Long Dead time; Multivariable Control Systems.

Ho Weng Khuen
Tel : (65) 6516-6286
Email : elehowk{at}
Research interest: Control for the manufacturing of Semiconductor; Fault detection and diagnosis in chemical processess; Process Control.

Lee Tong Heng
Tel : (65) 6516-5048
Email : eleleeth{at}
Research interest: Adaptive systems; Knowledge-based control;Intelligent mechatronics.

Loh Ai Poh
Tel : (65) 6516-2451
Email : elelohap{at}
Research interest: Multivariable control; Neural nets; Nonlinear Adaptive Control.

Vadakkepat, Prahlad
Tel : (65) 6516-2296
Email : elepv{at}
Research interest: Multiple autonomous robotic systems; Robot soccer systems; Multi-agent systems; Neuro-fuzzy controllers.

Tan Kok Kiong
Tel : (65) 6516-2110
Email : eletankk{at}
Research interest: Precision motion control; process control; industrial automation.

Tan Woei Wan
Tel : (65) 6516-8323
Email : eletanww{at}
Research interest: Modelling, control and fault diagnosis using computational intelligence techniques; Neurofuzzy adaptive control; Application of control theory to the semiconductor manufacturing industry and microelectromechanical systems; Relay auto-tuning of PID controllers.

Xiang Cheng
Tel : (65) 6516-6210
Email>Research interest: Intelligent Control; computational Intelligence; Pattern Recognition.

Support Staff

S Mainavathi
Lab Technologist
Tel : (65) 6516 3494
Email: elesm{at}
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