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Post-Graduate Students (MEng & PhD)

PhD Students graduated in 2015

Name Project Title Supervisors
Atieh Bamdadian Towards prediction and improvement of EEG-based MI-BCI performance JX Xu
Hu Jun Cognitive Learning and Memory Systems Using Spiking Neural Networks KC Tan
Yu Qiang Temporal Coding and Learning in Spiking Neural Networks KC Tan
Liang Wenyu Design & control of precision surgical device for otitis media with effusion KK Tan
Tan Yew Teck Cooperative algorithms for a team of autonomous underwater vehicles V Prahlad
Vu Hoang Dung Influence function approximation to estimation in linear models with generalized t- distribution noise WK Ho
Yang Yue Stability Analysis and Controller Synthesis of Switched Systems X Cheng
Yu Chao Modeling with renormalization group and randomization QG Wang

PhD Students graduated in 2014

Name Project Title Supervisors
Omid Geramifard Machine learning, especially Reinforcement Learning JX Xu
Deng Xin Learning control and applications, and applications of Computational intelligence methods JX Xu
Yang Rui Development of new learning control approaches KK Tan
Wu Rong Adaptive Streaming Framework for Smallscale Remote Monitoring and Control Applications KK Tan
Le Binh Nguyen Multivariable and Decoupling Control QG Wang
Niu Xuelei Modeling and Control of Underwater Vehicle JX Xu
Ehsan Keikha Challenges in precision nanopositioning systems A Al Mamun
Le Cao Vinh Intelligent Diagnosis and Prognosis of Industrial Networked Systems CK Pang, Justin
Yang Geng Advanced control in wafer processing, including the optimization in lithography, etching, thin film, diffusion Arthur Tay
Zhao Xinjie On Learning based parameter calibration and ramp metering of freeway traffic systems Lin Hai

PhD Students graduated in 2013

Name Project Title Supervisors
Qin Qin Financial market modelling QG Wang
Lee See Chek Intelligent control systems, Electrical energy systems QG Wang
Feng Yong Temperature and CD control in lithography WK Ho
Shim Vui Ann Multi-algorithm speaker recognition system, Biomedical system-application of computational intelligent methods to biosignal processing or medical image processing KC Tan
Dong Xiangxu Issues related to formation flight control of UAV helicopter systems BM Chen
Sun Yajuan Issues related to symbolic control systems BM Chen
Zheng Xiaolian Issues related to modeling of financial markets BM Chen
He HongSheng Robotics, Artificial intelligence, Computer vision, Machine learning Sam Ge
Su Yang Process control, Advanced control & optimization, Networked control system KK Tan

MEng Students graduated in 2012

Name Project Title Supervisors
He Wei Robotics and network control SS Ge
Wang Bin Social robotics, sensor fusion interactive media SS Ge
Chen Wee Yuang Fault level management, power quality management, optimal power flow and renewable energy JX Xu

PhD Students graduated in 2012

Name Project Title Supervisors
He HongSheng Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Machine Learning SS Ge
Vu Thanh Long Quantum Filers SS Ge
Zhang Qun Mobile robot navigation and Machine Learning SS Ge
Zhang JingLiang Intelligent servo control for hard disk in mobile application SS Ge
Gao Lingling Experimentation, modeling and control of calcium dynamics inhuman vascular endothelial cells C Xiang
Yang Yang The regulatory role of microRNA in cancer cells - systems biology approach C Xiang
Teh Seiw Hong Semiconductor microlithography simulation Arthur Tay
Nie Maowen Nonlinear Control WW Tan
Mohammad Karimadini Intelligent autotuning process control, neural network controller, Genetic Fuzzy (hybrid) controller C Xiang
Ngo Yit Sung Real-time monitoring and control of critical dimension uniformity in microlithography Arthur Tay

M.SC and MEng Students graduated in 2011

Name Project Title Supervisors
Zoheb Jamal Testing the profitability of technical analysis in Singapore and Malaysian stock markets SS Ge
Liew Chun Fui Intelligent control modules for an upper body humanoid robot SS Ge

PhD Students graduated in 2011

Name Project Title Supervisors
Zhao Zhengyi Adaptive multi-period resource allocation SS Ge
Lin Feng Development and applications of a vision-based unmanned helicopter BM Chen
Chua Teck Wee Type-2 fuzzy logic for pattern classification WW Tan
Gu Wenfei Pattern recognition, intelligent control C Xiang
Tan Chin Hiong Computational intelligence in real time games KC Tan
Lu Jingfang Control theory and its applicantion, such as hardware andsoftware development for industrial process
control, or factory automation, or robust control
AP Loh

MEng Students graduated in 2010

Name Project Title Supervisors
Zamani Mohsen Formation reconfiguration control for multi-robot systems Lin Hai
Bharath Ramamoorthi Design of Prosthetic Skins with Humanlike Softness John-John
Raditya Pradipta Design of Prosthetic Skins with Humanlike Softness John-John
Tan Yew Teck Artificial intelligence, robotic and control, planning and navigation V Prahlad

PhD Students graduated in 2010

Name Project Title Supervisors
Ang Ji Hua Brian Computational intelligence techniques for data analysis KC Tan
Zhao Zhengyi Intelligent control and its applications SS Ge
Yan Han Sensor rectification & control of thermal processing systemsin semiconductor manufacturing WK Ho
Lim Lihong Idris Conditions for forced and subharmonic oscillations in relay and quantized feedback systems AP Loh
Chen Silu Development of physiotherapy systems KK Tan
Huang Zhihong A stability criterion for arbitrarily switched second order LTI systems C Xiang
Cheong Chun Yew Evolutionary optimization of Real-World Multiobjective Combinatorial problems KC Tan
Chiam Swee Chiang Evolutionary multiobjective optimization in investment portfolio management KC Tan
Quek Han Yang Game theoretic modeling and analysis: A Co-evolutionary, agent-based approach KC Tan
Dip Goswami Biped Locomotion: Stability analysis, gait generation and control V Prahlad
Pan Yaozhang Brain signal processing and neurological therapy SS Ge
Ren BeiBei Adaptive neural control of nonlinear systems with hysteresis SS Ge
Yang Chenguang Adaptive control and neural network control of nonlinear discrete-time systems SS Ge
Yun Ben Development of formation flight systems for UAV helicopters BM Chen

PhD Students graduated in 2009

Name Project Title Supervisors
Teoh Eu Jin Training issues and learning algorithms for feedforward and recurrent neural networks KC Tan
Cai Guowei Construction, modelling and control of a UAV helicopter BM Chen
Shao Lichun IC design/VLSI, measurement and automation WW Tan
Wang YuHeng Control and signal processing for thermal processing systems in microlithography Arthur Tay
Han Thanh Trung Switched dynamical systems: Transition model, quanlitative theory, and advanced control SS Ge
Thum Chin Kwan Advanced control technologies for future storage devices BM Chen
Wang Lan Development of an integrated bake/chill system for microlithography AP Loh

MEng Students graduated in 2009

Name Project Title Supervisors
Yang Yong Artificial intelligence robots SS Ge
Lee Soo Guan Gibson Technical analysis for financial markets trading I: Cyclicmovements QG Wang
Andreas Multiplexed MPC for mutli-zone thermal processing in semiconductor manufacturing WK Ho

PhD Students graduated in 2008

Name Project Title Supervisors
Chen Ming Control and signal processing for lithography WK Ho
Wang Wei Learning and optimization of human motions based on kinematics Jx Xu
Dinh Trung Hoang Metaheuristics for NP-hard combinatorial optimization problems A AL Mamun
Lai Junwei Extensional fuzzy logic controllers for uncertain systems WW Tan
Hu Ni In-situ measurement and control of photoresist processing in lithography Arthur Tay
Wu Xiaodong Advanced process/equipment control for thermal processing in lithography Arthur Tay
Wu Xinhui Analysis, design and implementation of high performance control schemes for three phase PWM AC-DC voltage source converter Jx Xu
Ye Zhen New results in relay feedback analysis and multivariable stability margins QG Wang

MEng Students graduated in 2008

Name Project Title Supervisors
Eng Ming Hao Money Management (Control System) QG Wang

PhD Students graduated in 2007

Name Project Title Supervisors
Pang Chee-Khiang Servo systems for future storage devices BM Chen
Guan Feng Passive sound localization AP Loh
Chew Yoong Han Evolutionary computing for routing and scheduling applications KC Tan
Goh Chi Keong Multi-objective evolutionary algorithm and applications KC Tan
Lu Xiang Control System, Neural network QG Wang
Liu Min Robust identification and controller design for delay processes QG Wang
Lai Xuecheng Motion Planning for constrained mobile robots in unknown environments SS Ge
Liu Jing Control theory & system; telecommunication theory & system V Prahlad

MEng Students graduated in 2007

Name Project Title Supervisors
Chua Kok Young Development of new approaches for tuning process controller KK Tan
Yang Yong Facial expression recognition and tracking based on distributed locally linear embedding and expression motion energy SS Ge
Zhang Zhiping Stabilizability and dominant pole placement by PID controllers QG Wang

PhD Students graduated in 2006

Name Project Title Supervisors
He Yingjie Composite nonlinear feedback control for systems with disturbance BM Chen
Zhao Shao Development of intelligent motion control systems KK Tan
Yan Rui Control Theory and application JX Xu
Xiao Peng Intelligent Control V Prahlad
Raihana Ferdous Advanced process control with relay-based feedback identification KK Tan
Cheng Guoyang Friction modeling and compensation in precision servo systems BM Chen

MEng Students graduated in 2006

Name Project Title Supervisors
Ang Ying Hann A novel constant quality rate control scheme for object-based Encoding C Xiang
Chan Kit Wai embedded system, communications, vision processing V Prahlad
Chuong Pierre Stochastic optimal control for financial portfolio with transaction costs C Xiang
Huang Ying Application of computer, robots and application of robots, wireless technology Ap Loh
Tian Zhiling Intelligent Control of Robots SS Ge
Tokas Jitender Space-time turbo codes-code construction and decoding A Al Mamun
Wu Dongrui Computational Intelligence WW Tan
Ye Huanyi Exploration of new methodologies for fly-height measurement AA Mamun

PhD Students graduated in 2005

Name Project Title Supervisors
Chew Yoong Han Evolutionary computing for routing and scheduling applications KC Tan
Lu Shijian Control/Computer Engineering BM Chen

MEng Students graduated in 2005
Name Project Title Supervisors
Joe Yen Yen A framework for Intelligent Process Monitoring Arthur Tay
Ma Su Tun Identification of systems from multirate data Arthur Tay
Peng Wei Distributed Computational intelligence applied in bioinformatics KC Tan

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