Research Interests

  • Software Defined Networks (SDN): Fault Tolerance, Security (attack mitigation, attack resilience, Internet of Things security), Traffic Engineering, Service Differentiation, Quality of Service (QoS)

  • Cloud Data Center Networks: Integrated Resource Allocation, Cloud Bandwidth Allocation and Pricing, Energy Efficiency, Virtual Network Embedding, Workflow Embedding, SDN-based techniques

  • Optical Data Centers: Hybrid Optical-Electrical Data Center Networks, Virtual Network Embedding, Workflow Embedding, Scheduling, SDN-based techniques

  • WDM Optical Networks: Survivability, Traffic Engineering, Traffic Grooming, Capacity Planning, Quality of Service, Scheduling, Energy Efficiency

  • Big Data: Big-data Network Transport, big-data learning for network services

  • Metro/Carrier Ethernet Networks: Traffic Engineering, Survivability, Optical Ethernet

  • Wireless Sensor Networks: Target Coverage, Energy Efficiency