1st Graduate Orientation

Program Overview

Date: Thursday, 4th August 2011
Time: 4:15PM - 6:00PM
Venue: E5-03-19

ECE GSC Committee’s preparations and efforts during the past month culminated with a fairly nice ECE Postgraduates Orientation staged at NUS ECE Department on Thursday August 4, 2011. The Orientation, intended for PhD and MEng students newly admitted to ECE Department this August, was well attended by about 25 new students. Detailed program of the Orientation is:

  1. Opening Remarks by Xiaolei Chen, ECE PhD student ( 5 mins)
  2. Ice-breaking game (15 mins)
  3. Team-building game (15 mins)
  4. Talk: "Life in Singapore", by Mr. Syed Rizwan, ECE PhD student (15 mins)
  5. Talk: "Surviving you PhD program: Key resources you will need", by Mr. Chacko John Deepu, ECE PhD student (15 mins)
  6. Closing remark(5 mins)
  7. Short trip to West Coast Park (about 2 hours)


ECE Graduate Orientation on 4th August 2011 Sights of Singapore


As the photos show, the new students had a really good time during the 30-minute games. The game facilitators were Ganesh and his friends from NUS Office of Student Affairs (OSA).

After getting relaxed and warmed up, the new students listened to Rizwan, who shared his personal experiences of "Life in Singapore", and gave many useful tips on various topics, such as transportation, accommodation, and infotainment.

Having had enough fun, the new students were reminded their main business by Mr. Deepu John, who shared tips on how to get started research by searching and accessing research papers and patents. The talk was accompanied by live demonstrations by Deepu.

The last item of the orientation was not disclosed until the last minute. Yes, a short trip to West Coast area!. Yong Fu successfully got nearly ten students on board, and with Zhang Zhe and Xiaolei as his aids, led the students to West Coast. Along their way, the group covered Kent Vale, West Coast Plaza, West Coast Food Market, Sheng Siong Supermarket, and finally West Coast Park. In between the trip back to NUS, the students helped themselves and enjoy their dinner at the West Coast Food Market.

Slides of talks during the Orientation can be downloaded below: