Program Details

Program Schedule

Day 1 (17th May, 2018)

Time Description
9.00 - 10.00 AM Registration (Outside LT-4)
10.00 - 10.30 AM Inaugural Ceremony (LT- 4)
10.30 - 11.30 AM Keynote Speech 1 (LT -4) Dr. Yeo Wee Loon, NUS CFG
11.30 AM - 12.00 PM Tea& Snacks (Outside LT-4)
12.00 - 1. 00 PM Fireside Chat Session (LT - 4) Dr. Aneesh Sathe and Dr. Kaveh Taghipour, Qritive
1.00 - 1.45 PM Lunch (Outside LT-4)
1.45 – 3:45 PM Technical Sessions Session 1:
Microwave and RF (E3-06-01)
Session 2:
Microelectronic Technologies
and Devices (E3-06-02)
3.45 - 4.15 PM Tea& Snacks (Outside LT-4)
4:15 - 5.15 PM Panel Discussion (LT - 4) Upskill 2.0
5.15 - 5.30 PM Networking Reception &
Heavy Snacks (Outside LT-4)
5.30 – 6.15 PM Panel Discussion (LT - 4) Upskill 2.0 (contd.)

Day 2 (18th May, 2018)

Time Description
8.45 – 9.30 AM Registration
(Outside LT-6)
9.00 - 11.00 AM Technical Sessions Session 3
Communication and
Networks ( E3-06-04)
Session 4
Microelectronic Technologies
and Devices (E3-06-05)
Session 5
Power and Energy Systems (E3-06-06)
10.55 - 11.15 AM Tea& Snacks (Outside LT-6)
11.15 AM - 12.15 PM Keynote Speech 2
(LT - 6)
Sam Witteveen, Red Dragon AI
12.15 – 1.00 PM Keynote Speech 3
(LT - 6)
Dr. Subodh G Mhaisalkar, NTU
1.00 - 2.00 PM Lunch
(Outside LT-6)
2.00 - 4.00 PM Technical Sessions Session 6
Control, Intelligent Systems, Robotics & Signal
Analysis and Machine Intelligence (E3-06-04)
Session 7
Microelectronic Technologies and Devices

4.00 - 4.30 PM Tea& Snacks
(Outside LT-6)

Session Information

Please click on the session headers to view presenter details...

No. Presenter Title
1 Lei Jin Non-interleaved full-colour meta-hologram
2 Arash Nemati Tunable Metasurfaces
3 Guang-Wei HU Metadevices via the Incorporation of Geometric Phase and Dynamic Phase
4 Lei Jin Selectively Plasmon-Enhanced Second-Harmonic Generation from Monolayer Tungsten Diselenide on Flexible Substrates
5 Menghua Jiang Etch-free Narrowband Metasurface
No. Presenter Title
1 Lingfei Wang Percolation Theory based Statistical Resistance Model for Resistive Random-Access Memory
2 Serene Wen Ling Ng One-step activation towards spontaneous etching of hollow and hierarchical porous carbon nanospheres composite with TiO2 for enhanced pollutant adsorption and degradation
3 Lingfei Wang A Physics-Based Compact Model for Transition-metal Dichalcogenides Transistors with the Band-Tail Effect
4 Xinhang Li P-type silicon solar cells with laser fired contacts for tandem applications
5 Chen Nan Graphene Tunable Plasmon-Phonon Coupling in Mid-IR Complementary Metamaterial
No. Presenter Title
1 Rajarshi Chattopadhyay Distributed Incentive Mechanism for a Mobile Edge Computing Network
2 Shandong Dong Simultaneous Measurement of Refractive Index and Temperature with a Dual Core Photonic Crystal Fiber Interferometer
3 Ayush Kumar Detecting Internet-of-Things Malware Bots: A Practical Algorithm Using Packet Sub-Sampling
4 Bikalpa Upadhyaya Jamming Detection in Indoor Environment based on Received Signal Strength
5 Jingwei Zhang UAV-Enabled Radio Access Network: Multi-Mode Communication and Trajectory Design
6 Nalam Venkata Abhishek An Intrusion Detection System for Detecting Compromised Gateways in Clustered IoT Networks
7 Chua Yu Han The Impact of Shipping Bubbles towards Underwater Acoustic Communication
No. Presenter Title
1 Xue Zheng Characterization of Cu(In,Ga)Se2 solar cells fabricated by two-step sequential process: selenization temperature influences
2 Chi Sun Effect of capping layer on spin-orbit torques
3 Li Chen Monolithic Complementary Transistors and Integrated Circuit Based on Black Phosphorus/HfO2 Heterostructure
4 Pranesh Balamuniappan 3D Scanning Electron Microscopic image using a dual focusing electron beam column design
5 S M Rafi Ul Islam Strain induced valley filtering in Weyl-semimetal
No. Presenter Title
1 Jaydeep Saha A Matrix-Based Solid-Sate-Transformer For A Hybrid Nanogrid
2 Gururaghav Raman Residential microgrids for increasing the community acceptance of smart grid services
3 Gurupraanesh Raman Sensitivity-based supervisory control scheme for multi-microgrid distribution systems
4 Rohit Chandra Building Energy Management System for Transactive Energy Framework
5 James Ranjith Kumar Rajasekaran Efficient detection of false data injection attacks on AC state estimation in smart grids
No. Presenter Title
1 Shuhua Gao Efficient Boolean Modeling of Gene Regulatory Networks via Random Forest Based Feature Selection and Best-Fit Extension
2 Zihan Pan An Event-Based Cochlear Filter Temporal Encoding Scheme for Speech Signals
3 Jibin Wu A Spiking Neural Network Framework for Robust Sound Classification
4 Shuhua Gao Mathematical Modelling Reveals the Role of Hypoxia in Promotion of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Long-Term Expansion
5 Aashish Sharma Into the Twilight Zone: Depth Estimation using Joint Structure-Stereo Optimization
6 Xiaoxu Zheng Human vision inspired multi-scale line segments merging and filtering
7 Jingwei Li Global signal regression strengthens association between resting-state functional MRI and behavior in human
8 Nanbo Sun Latent Factors Underlying Atrophy, Behavioral and Tau Heterogeneity in Alzheimer’s Disease
No. Presenter Title
1 Maheswari Sivan Thickness dependent electronic properties in 2-D WSe2 Nano-sheet field effect transistor
2 Wei Wei Dual-Gated MoS2 FETs with PMMA as top gate insulator interlayer
3 Yanjun Xu Magnetic sensor using spin-orbit torque effective field as transverse bias
4 Divya Ananthanarayanan Determination of metal induced recombination of n-type bifacial Si solar cells
5 Maverick Chauwin Strained graphene in transistor applications


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