ECE GSS 2015

What is the ECE Graduate Student Symposium all about?
The ECE Graduate Student Symposium is the annual conference for Graduate Students of the ECE Department to showcase their research. This year's symposium marks the 5th symposium to be held by ECE. The objective is to further enhance the quality of graduate seminar as well as providing a platform for undergraduates, graduates students and faculty to exchange the latest research findings and ideas. The symposium also provides a unique networking opportunity for students and faculty from NUS with leading industry experts in the field.

When and Where will the Graduate Student Symposium be held?
The symposium will be held on May 13-14 2015. It will take place at the Lecture Theatre 2 and seminar rooms around it.

Who can participate in the Graduate Student Symposium?
M.Eng. and Ph.D. students from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering are eligible to present their work in the form of an oral or poster presentation. Everyone, including Undergraduates and M.Sc. Coursework and Research Graduate students, is most welcome to attend the symposium and gain some insight about ongoing research at ECE NUS

ECE GSS 2015

and Networks
Signal Processing
and New Media
Control, Intelligent Systems and Robotics
Integrated Circuits and Embedded Systems
Microelectronic Technologies and Devices
Microwave and
Radio Frequency

Power and
Energy Systems