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Welcome Tea for ECE4 cum FYP Briefing on 18 August 2012

ECE4 Presentation on PhD programs

Engineering FYP Information Literacy 2012/13 - [Please click on “Read only” to proceed at the password prompt]

Library Tutorial for Engineering FYP Students (Webcast)

Presentation slides by Career Centre: NCC1000 - equip yourself with essential skills for your career

EE2 mapping guide for EE/CPE students of AY2009 normal intake & prior and AY2010 poly direct entry intake who have not cleared their EE2 modules (updated 22 February 2012)

Important Announcement for ECE4 Students Sem 2 AY1213 (updated 28 December 2012)

Important Deadlines for ECE4 Students who wish to GRADUATE in Sem 2 AY12/13 (updated 28 December 2012)

CORS: Choosing of Tech Electives, S/U policy change, 60 MC level 1000 limit, EE2 core modules
(updated 28 December 2012)

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Class Timetable (IMPORTANT: Check timetables regularly for updates)

HR2002 Sem 2 AY12/13 Timetable

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Checking for your Academic Advisor/Mentor

Feedback on Graduate Assistant (laboratory sessions)

AY 2013/14

Useful Information on Technical Elective Rules


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FYP ILP webcast

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FFG Checklists

For EE and CPE Students (updated 11 October 2012)

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Online Degree Requirement Check (DRC)