Curriculum Vitae



Current Semester (Fall 2019)


MA3110 Mathematical Analysis II


EE5139R Information Theory for Communication Systems


Courses taught at NUS


Information Theory for Discrete Memoryless Systems


MA6241: Topics in Numerical Methods (Bandit Algorithms)


EE5137 Stochastic Processes (Fall 20172018)


MA4270 Data Modelling and Computation (Spring 20162018)


EE5139R Information Theory for Communication Systems at ECE (Fall 20122016)


EE5138R Optimization for Communication Systems at ECE (Spring 2015)


Courses taught at University of Madison-Wisconsin and MIT


Fall 2011: Multi-terminal Information Theory at UW-Madison (Fall 2011)


Spring 2010: Teaching Assistant for 6.437 Inference and Information at MIT

Rating 6.4/7.0: Review Quotes


Fall 2008: Teaching Assistant for 6.241 Dynamic Systems and Control at MIT

Rating 6.5/7.0: Review Quotes

IAP 2008 2010: Co-Instructor for 6.097 Review of Signals and Systems at MIT

Average Rating 6.0/7.0: Review Quotes


Giving a Talk

Here is some advice for giving a decent talk in the area of systems, communication, control and signal processing.


Co-authored with Stark C. Draper.