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    Soccer's Other World Cup, With Tabletop Robots, the Christian Science Monitor daily, Boston,   USA, Wednesday, June 17, 1998.   A copy of the above article is also available here.

    Article in JPEG format - in Malayalam - not required to download the Malayalam fonts.  Appeared in the Mathrubhumi Malayalam Daily (March 29, 1999), Kerala State, India

    Article appeared in the Chinese daily Zaobao, August 28, 2000, Singapore.
    English translation of the article by Mr. Xiao Peng (research scholar).  

    A game of three robots, From New Scientist, 26 April 1997.


    1. General Secretary - December 1999 - Present.

    2. Founder Secretary, the FIRA Executive Committee (June 1997 - December 1999).

    3. Associate Editor, the FIRA Newsletter

    4. Delivered a keynote speech on Evolutionary Multi-Robotics Systems at the Workshop on Soccer Robotics, organized at KAIST on November 21, 1998.

    5. Chaired a session at the International Conference on Micro-Robot World Cup Soccer Tournament (MiroSot'97), June 1-5, 1997, KAIST, Korea

    6. Participated with a Robot Soccer team (3 robots) as an Indo-Korean Joint team (MIRO-Abhimanyu, robots' hardware from KAIST) in the 2nd MiroSot'97, 1997 and made it to the semi-quarter finals

    7. Secretariat, FIRA Robot World Cup France'98

    8. Chief referee, FIRA Robot World Cup France'98

    9. Referee, APEC Micro-Robot Soccer Championship, August 17-19, 1998, Seoul, Korea

    10. Secretariat, MiroSot'97

    11. Joined Professor Kim, Jong-Hwan and 2 Micro-Robot soccer teams in the MiroSot European tour in September (05-22) 1997, covering Spain, Austria, Italy, Germany and United Kingdom