Other Vitae

    1. Awarded with the Korea Science and Engineering Foundation (KOSEF) fellowship for the year 1997-1998

    2. KOSEF published an invited article, `Postdoc Training at KAIST,' in its Newsletter, No. 9, June 1998.

    3. Secretary, FIRA Executive Committee, the Federation of International Robot- Soccer Association (FIRA)

    4. Associate Editor, FIRA Newsletter, the Federation of International Robot- Soccer Association

    5. Chaired a session at the International Conference on Micro-Robot World Cup Soccer Tournament (MiroSot'97), June 1-5, 1997, KAIST, Korea

    6. Participated with a Robot Soccer team (3 robots) as an Indo-Korean Joint team (MIRO-Abhimanyu, robots' hardware from KAIST) in the 2nd MiroSot'97, 1997 and made it to the semi-quarter finals

    7. Secretariat, FIRA Robot World Cup Australia 2000

    8. Secretariat, FIRA Robot World Cup France'98

    9. Secretariat, MiroSot'97 (Micro-Robot World Cup Soccer Tournament)

    10. Joined Professor Jong-Hwan Kim and 2 Micro-Robot soccer teams in the MiroSot European tour in September (05-22) 1997, covering Spain, Austria, Italy, Germany and United Kingdom

    11. Secured 97.67 % marks in the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE'87) examination conducted by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) for seeking admission to graduate study at IITs

    12. Recipient of the National Merit Scholarship (India) from 1980 to 1986

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