The 9th International Conference on  Inverse Problems and Related Topics
 (ICIP2018 in Singapore)

National University of Singapore


 13-17 Aug. 2018


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The 9th International Conference on Inverse Problems and Related Topics will take place at National University of Singapore in Singapore during 13-17 Aug. 2018. This conference features speakers from both theoretical (mathematics) and applied (engineering) aspects of inverse problems. This series of conferences were previously held in Hong Kong (2002), Shanghai (2004), Hokkaido (2006), Daejeon (2009), Hong Kong (2010), Nanjing (2012), Taipei (2014), and Seoul (2016). It aims to strengthen the interaction and, most importantly, to nurture collaborations between two groups of scientists. In addition, one of the focuses of the conference is to promote young scholars in inverse problems in the Asia-Pacific region.



Inverse problems arise in many areas of science including mathematics, engineering, medicine, physics, and geophysics. The varieties of their applications are enormous such as medical imaging, oil exploration, radar, sonar and seismology. In the last twenty years the active research carried out in the field of inverse problems has made it become a very promising interdisciplinary topic.

The topics of the conference include, but are not limited to:

*    Inverse boundary value problems         *    Inverse scattering problems    *     Medical imaging           *      Cloaking and invisibility        

*    Coupled physics inverse problems       *   Sparse representation                    *      Numerical methods     *     Deep learning and inverse problems

All scientists who are interested in the current research trends in the field of inverse problems are welcome to attend the conference.



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