Arthur Tay

Associate Professor

PhD; 1998
BEng (1st Hons); 1995

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Professional Activities

IEEE, Member
SPIE, Member
ICS, Member	

Research Interest

Control, Signal Processing, Simulation and Optimization for 
Semiconductor Manufacturing
Design for Manufacturing
Lithography Process Control	
Fault Detection and Monitoring
Computational Intelligence		

Research Projects

1. Control and Modeling of Chemical Mechanical Polishing
   Funding: S$80K (NUS) (1/02 -- 1/05) 
   Collaborators: Arthur Tay (PI), A Mamun, WK Ho

2. Development of Integrated Bake/Chill System
   Funding: ~S$800K (SIMTech-NUS) (1/02 -- 1/05) 
   Collaborators: AP Loh (PI), WW Tan, WK Ho, KW Lim and Arthur Tay 
(all NUS); ZM Gong, SL Chow (all SIMTech)

3. End-point Monitoring and Control for the Photoresist Development 
   Funding: ~S$1M, Institute of Chemical and Engineering Science 
(ICES)-NUS-Georgia Tech (1/03 -- 1/06)
   Collaborators: Arthur Tay (PI), WK Ho, CC Hang, KW Lim, AP Loh, 
WW Tan, Y Zhou (ICES) and Jay Lee (Georgia Tech)

4. A Framework for Intelligent Process Monitoring/Process 
   Funding: S$738,000, ICES, (10/02 -- 10/05)
   Collaborators: KW Lim (PI), WK Ho, R Srivisan, KC Tan, Arthur 
Tay, J Liu (ICES) and J Romagonli (U Sydney)

5. In-Situ Measurement and Control in the Microlithography Process
   Funding: ~S$1.5M, A*Star, SIMTech and NUS (4/04 -- 4/07)
   Collaborator: WK Ho (PI), Arthur Tay (co-PI), AP Loh, WW Tan (all 
NUS) and XQ Chen (co-PI, SIMTech) 

6. Real-time Monitoring and Control of Critical Dimension in 
   Funding: ~S$570K, A*Star PSF (1/07 -- 1/10)
   Collaborator: Arthur Tay (PI), KK Tan (co-PI), and ZP Fang 

7. Teaching Enhancement Grant: Development of Mobile Real-time 
Feedback/Teaching Systems.
   Funding: ~S$8K (Sept 07 - July 08)
   Collaborators: Arthur Tay (PI), KK Tan (PI)

Selected Publications

T. Kailath and A. Tay, "Extending the Life of Optical Lithography," 
INNOVATION, 2(3), 2001. 

A. Tay, W.K. Ho, A.P. Loh, K.W. Lim, W.W. Tan and C. 
Schaper, "Integrated Bake/Chill Module with In-situ Temperature 
Measurement for Photoresist Processing" IEEE Transactions 
Semiconductor Manufacturing, 17(2), 2004. 

A. Tay, W.K. Ho, N. Hu and XQ Chen, "Estimation of wafer warpage 
profile during thermal processing in microlithography", Review of 
Scientific Instruments, 76(7), 2005. 

A Tay, HT Chua, XD Wu, "A Lamp Thermoelectricity Based Integrated 
Bake/Chill System for Photoresist Processing". International Journal 
of Heat & Mass Transfer, 50(3-4), 2007. 

A Tay, WK Ho, XD Wu, "Real-time Control of Photoresist Extinction 
Coefficient Uniformity in Microlithography", IEEE Transaction 
Control Systems Technology, 15(1), 2007. 

A Tay, WK Ho, N Hu, "An in-situ Approach to Real-time Spatial 
Control of Steady-state Wafer Temperature during Thermal Processing 
in Microlithography", IEEE Transaction Semiconductor Manufacturing, 
20(1), 2007. 

A Tay, TW Ng, YH Wang and S Zhao, "Direct Measurement of Beam Size 
in a Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Setup", Review of Scientific 
Instruments, 79(6), 2008. 

Research Students Supervised

Kiew Choon Meng (AGS): 03-07
Hu Ni: 03-07
Wu Xiaodong: 03-07
Wang Yuheng: 04-08
Chen Ming: 04-08
Quek Han Yang: 05-10
Tan Chin Hiong: 06-
Teh Siew Hong: 07-
Ngo Yit Sung: 08-
Yang Rui: 08-
Yang Geng: 08-
Ang Kar Tien: 10-
Henry Tan: 10-

Cai Ji: 01-02
Xu Huan: 01-03
Deng Jiewen: 01-03
Li Da: 01-03
Varadarajan Ganesh Kumar: 01-03
Yang Kai: 02-04
Joe YenYen (ICES): 02-04


Teaching Commendation Award 2002/2003, 2003/2004, 2004/2005, 
2006/2007, 2007/2008

Teaching Honours List 2008/2009

Teaching Enhancement Grant 2007

17th Annual IEEE/SEMI Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing 
Conference 2006, Boston, USA. Best Student Paper Award (Kiew Choon 

2007 Advanced Equipment Control/Advanced Process Control Symposium, 
California, USA. Best Student Paper Prize (honorable mention) (Cheng 

Teaching Courses

Current: EE2010 System and Control

EE4302 Advanced Control Systems
EE5103/ME5403 Computer Control Systems
MCH5206 Instrumentation and Sensors
EE5204 Servo Engineering

EE2010 Systems and Control
EE2010E Systems and Control