C. C. Ko


Ph.D., Loughborough; 
B.Sc. (1st Class Hon.), Loughborough; 

 (65) 6516 5156 Click here to Email

Professional Activities

Editor, ETRI Journal
Editor, EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking
Associate Editor, IEEE Trans. Signal Processing
Associate Editor, IEEE Trans. Antennas and Propagation

Research Interest

Signal Processing.  Communications.  Internet Experimentation

Research Projects

Adaptive filtering for acoustic noise cancellation
Interconnection of computer networks 
Matrix quantization of LPC speech
Error control coding and disk drive controller 
Radar sidelobe cancellation and target location systems	
Web based virtual laboratory


Patents Granted

UK Patent on "Method of refractometry and refractometer therefor"

Selected Publications

CC Ko, LH Nguyen and L Huang.  ML based follower jamming rejection in 
slow FH/MFSK systems with an antenna array.  IEEE Trans. 
Communications, 56, no.9 (2008): 1536 - 1544.  

CC Ko, W Zhi and F Chin.  ML-based frequency estimation and 
synchronization of frequency hopping signals.  IEEE Trans. Signal 
Processing, 53, (2005): 403 - 410.	
L Huang and CC Ko.  Performance of maximum-likelihood channel 
estimator for UWB communications.  IEEE Communications Letters, 8, 
(2004): 356 - 358.

CC Ko, J Zhang and A Nehorai.  Separation and tracking of multiple 
broadband sources with one electromagnetic vector sensor.  IEEE 
Trans. Aerospace and Electronic Systems, 38, (2002): 1109 -1116.

CC Ko, BM Chen, SY Hu, V Ramakrishnan, CD Cheng, Y Zhuang and JP 
Chen.  A Web-based virtual laboratory on a frequency modulation 
experiment.  IEEE Trans. Systems, Man and Cybernetics Part C - 
Applications and Review, 33, (2001): 295 - 303.

CC Ko, BM Chen, J Chen, Y Zhuang and KC Tan.  Development of a web-
based laboratory for control experiments on a coupled-tank 
apparatus.  IEEE Trans. Education, 44, (2001): 76 - 86.

CC Ko and CP Li.  An adaptive IIR structure for the separation, 
enhancement and tracking of multiple sinusoids.  IEEE Trans. Signal 
Processing, 42, (1994): 2832 - 2834.		

CC Ko, WC Wong, JL Du, RH Deng and KM Lye.  Performance analysis of 
two bridged CSMA/CD networks.  Computer Communications,  
16, no. 8 (1993): 501 - 510.

CC Ko and TT Tjhung.  Simple programmable processor for decoding 
Reed-Solomon codes in compact disc devices at high speed.  Int. J. 
Electronics, 67, (1989): 15 -  25.

Research Students Supervised

Ph.D. Students
H Chen 
J Wen 
R Bachl 
F Chin 
Y Jiang 
X Li
PKDM Premaratne
R Yu
T Mao
L Nguyen
D Wu


IREE Norman Hayes Award
MINDEF-NUS Joint R&D Award
IES Prestigious Engineering Achievement Award

Teaching Courses

Digital signal processing: principles and system design
Adaptive signal processing
Random signal analysis and processing		
Adaptive arrays and noise cancellation systems
Electrical circuits