Cheng-Wei QIU

Assistant Professor

USTC ; 2003



Professional Working Experience

Dec 09-    Assistant Professor, ECE Dept., NUS
           Adjunct Member, IMRE, A*STAR    
08-09      Postdoctoral Fellow, EECS Dept., MIT    
05-06      Research Assistant, LGEP, Ecole Superieure D'Electricite    

Professional Activities

2015   Editorial Board Member,  Scientific Reports, a journal by Nature Publishing Group
2015   TPC Chair,               IEEE IMWS-AMP2015
2015   Keynote Talk,            Light Conference-ICOME2015
2014   Keynote Talk,            META'2014
2014   Editorial Board Member,  EPJ Applied Metamaterials
2013   Keynote Talk,            Trends in Nanotechnology 2013
2012   Keynote Talk,            Metamaterials 2012    
2012   Associate Editor,        Advanced Electromagnetics    
2012   TPC Member,              Advanced Electromagnetics Symposium, Paris        
2010   TPC Member,              Photonics Global 2010    
2010   TPC Member,              NATO Advanced Research Workshop    
2007   TPC Member,              NATO Advanced Research Workshop    
2007   Member,                  IEICE        
2006   Member,                  IEEE      
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