Hong Minghui

Research Students Supervised
(1). Mr. Lan Bin, Laser assisted fabrication of MEM structures,(2000~2003, M.Eng);

(2). Mr. He Qiang, Laser processing of shape memory devices, (2002~2004, M.Eng);

(3). Mr. Su Jung Feng, Nanoscale characterization of laser annealed TiNi shape memory    
     devices, (2002~2004, M.Eng);

(4). Dr. Chen Guoxin, Nanoparticle generation with laser means, (2001~2005, PhD);

(5). Dr. Lam Hwe Min, Laser processing of wide bandgap semiconductor materials, 
     (2001~2005, PhD);

(6). Dr. Wang Zengbo, Ultrafast laser microprocessing, (2001~2005, PhD);

(7). Dr. Lin Ying, Laser/SNOM processing for surface nanostructuring, (2002~2006, PhD); 

(8). Dr. Lim Chin Seong, Laser fabrication of micro/nano-lens array, (2003~2008, PhD);

(9). Dr. Doris Ng, Laser synthesis of GaN nanowires, (2002~2008, PhD);

(10).Ms. Van Li Hui, Laser synthesis of magnetic semiconductor materials, (2004~2007, 

(11).Dr. Zhou Yi, Laser plasmonics for surface nano-structuring, (2003~2008, PhD);

(12).Ms. Ma Fang, Laser nanopatterning with plasmonic effect, (2006~2008, M.Eng);

(13).Dr. Tiaw Kay Siang, Laser microprocessing of bio-PLC thin film, (2003~2009, PhD);

(14).Dr. Liew Tze Haw, Quantum electronics structures fabricated by laser nano-
     patterning, (2005~2009, PhD);

(15).Mr. Lim Boon Chong, Laser precision fabrication of spiral light optics, (2006~2008, 

(16).Mr. Teo Hong Hai, Laser microfabrication of hole arrays, (2007~2009, M.Eng);

(17).Ms. Tan Li Sirh, Nanosecond/Femtosecond laser processing of nano-structured 
     functional materials, (2007~2009, M.Eng);

(18).Dr. Yun Jia, Laser fabrication of nanotemplate for nanoelectronics, (2006~2010, 

(19).Ms. Liu CaiHong, Laser nanofabrication of functional nanostructures, (2006~2010, 

(20).Dr. Huang ZhiQiang, Laser precise fabrication of Chromeless Phase Shift Mask, 
      (2006~2010, PhD).

(21).Dr. Tang Min, Laser nanofabrication of plasmonic structures, (2007~2011, PhD);

(22).Dr. Chen ZaiChun, Plasmonic and THz structures fabrication by laser irradiation, 
     (2008~2012, PhD);

(23).Dr. Xu Le, Plasmonic nanostructure fabrication and Simulation, (2010~2015, PhD); 

(24).Dr. Mohsen Rahmani, Laser Materials Micro/Nanoprocessing, (2009~2013, PhD);

(25).Mr. Ng Aik Thong, High Power Motor Driver Using Green Energy Advanced Control of 
      Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM), (2009~2011, M.Eng.);

(26).Dr. Hsieh Tseng Ming, Applications of tissue engineering in 3D polymeric scaffolds 
     by stereolithography, (2006~2010, PhD);

(27).Mr. Ng Binghao, Plasmonic and THz structures fabrication by laser means, 
     (2010~2014, PhD);  

(28).Dr. Nguyen Thi Van Thanh, Laser nanofabrication of plasmonic sensors for bio-
      detection, (2009~2013, PhD);

(29).Dr. Wang Zuyong, Laser fabrication of microstructures for tissue engineering, 
      (2009~2013, PhD);

(30).Dr. Yu Kuai, Nonlinear dynamics of noble  metallic nano-particles (2009~2013, PhD); 

(31).Dr. Du Zheren, Laser micro-processing and nano-engineering for solar cells 
      (2010~2014, PhD); 

(32).Mr. Yang Jing, Fano resonance nanostructures for environmental applications 
     (2011~2015, PhD);

(33).Mr. Chen Yiguo, Laser nanofabrication of plasmonic structures and metamaterials for 
     advanced sensing (2012~2016, PhD);

(34).Mr. Wang Dacheng, Active THz metamaterials(2012~2016, PhD);

(35).Ms. Fu Xiaotian, 3D solar cells (2012~2014, M.Eng);

(36).Mr. Ma Yinzhe, Laser applications in IC failure analyses (2010~2012, M.Eng);

(37).Ms. Wu Meng Xue, Optical nanoscope (2013~2017, PhD);

(38).Mr. Ma ZhiJie, THz Technology (2014~2018, PhD);

(39).Mr. Xu KaiChen, Functional micro/nanostructures (2014~2018, PhD).

B. Awards won by my students:

(1).Dr. Law Yaozhang, Dean Randall, Laser Nano-patterning in the Optical Near-Field for 
    High Density Data Storage, Asian Young Inventors Silver Awards 2004;

(2).Dr. Yeo Eng Guan, Investigation on Ultra-high Density Non-volatile Phase Change 
    Random Access Memory (PCRAM) by Material Engineering, IEEE Region 10 
    Undergraduate Student Paper Contest 2005 (the third place);

(3).Mr. Lim Ler Ming, Thermal Analysis and Structural Design and Phase Change Random 
    Access Memory (PCRAM), 19th FOE Innovation Award (Merits) 2005;

(4).Mr. Ong Chin Leng, Electrophoresis Devices: Lens, 19th FOE Innovation Award (Merits) 

(5).Ms. Yeo Jian Bi Jackling, Development of Versatile High Resolution 3-D Imaging 
    Systems, 20th FOE Innovation Award (Merits) 2006;

(6).Dr. Tan Chun Chia, Investigation of Super lattice-like Structure for Phase Change 
    Random Access Memory (PCRAM), Micron Asia Innovation Challenge 2007 Award;

(7).Ms. Li Yang, Laser Fabrication of Metallic Nanostructures and its Plasmonics Effect, 
    22nd FOE Innovation Award (Merits) 2008;

(8).Mr. Woo Bo Sheng, Fabrication of lens sheet for 3D display, 22nd FOE Innovation 
    Award (Merits) 2008; 

(9).Ms. Lam Wei Yen, Investigation on effect of structural design and material 
    properties on thermal confinement in PCRAM, Micron Asia Innovation Challenge 2008 

(10).Mr. Koh Weng Cheon, Multi-level Recording for Higher Density PCRAM, 23rd FOE 
     Innovation Award (High Achievement) 2009; 

(11).Mr Tan Theng Kiat, Resistance Drift Study for High Density PCRAM, 24nd FOE 
     Innovation Award (Merits) 2010; 

(12).Mr. Han Ningren, Broadband multi-layer terahertz metamaterials fabrication and 
     characterization on flexible substrates, 25th FOE Innovation Award (High 
     Achievement) 2011;

(13).Mr. Kong Lingyu, Investigate and Reduce Resistance Drift for High Density Phase 
     Change Random Access Memory, 25th FOE Innovation Award (Merits) 2011.

(14).Dr. Chen Zaichun, THz Meta-materials, State Excellent Oversea Students Award China, 

(15).Mr. Wang Zuyong, Highly orientated 3D micro-topography for bone tissue  
     engineering, Poster Award, 9th World Biomaterials Congress applications: A 
     degradation study,2012;

(16).Dr. Mohsen Rahmani, Fano Resonance, CLEO Incubic/Milton Chang Student Travel Grant, 

C.PDF supervised:

(1).Dr. Liu Xiaohua: Pulse laser deposition of functional thin film (2000~2003);

(2).Dr. Wu Dongjiang: Laser microprocessing (2000~2003);

(3).Dr. Xie Qiong: Laser interference lithography (2001~2004);

(4).Dr. Wang Lin: Laser microprocessing for high efficiency Si solar cell (2009~2010);

(5).Dr. Ji Lina: Laser micro/nanofabrication of thermoelectrical devices (2009~2011);

(6).Dr. Lim Chin Seong: Laser precision engineering of THz meta-materials (2009~2012);  

(7).Dr. Zhou Yi: Superlens (2010~2013);

(8).Dr. Lin Ying: Superlens (2010~2013);

(9).Dr. Yan Lanying: Anti-reflection (2009~2010);

(10).Dr. Liu Yan: Anti-reflection (2010~2012);

(11).Dr. Pan ZhenYing: Meta-antenna (2010~2013);

(12).Dr. Luo FangaFang: Anti-reflection and laser cleaning/texturing (2012~2014);

(13).Dr. Kao Tsung Sheng: Optical limiting system by laser means (2012~2014); 

(14).Dr. Qin Fei: Optical nanoscopes (2014~2015);

(15).Dr. Zhou Rui: Optical nanoscopes (2014~2015);

(16).Dr. Wu Jianfeng Optical nanoscopes (2014~2015);

(17). Dr. Du Zheren: Optical limiting system by laser means (2014).

D. Visiting staff

(1). Associate Professor Xie XiaoZhu: Laser Microfabrication (2010~2011);

(2). Senior Lecturer Rozalina Zakaria, Nanoplasmonics (2011~2012);

(3). Prof. HARITH BIN AHMAD, THz Meta-materials (2011~2012);

(4). Visiting Scholar: Ms. Zhong Xiaolan: Advanced Optics (2013~2014).