Xu Jianxin

I received Bachelor degree from Zhejiang University, China in 1982. I attended the University of Tokyo, Japan, where I received Master's and PhD degrees in 1986 and 1989 respectively. All degrees are in Electrical Engineering. I worked for one year in the Hitachi research Laboratory, Japan; for more than one year in Ohio State University, USA as a visiting scholar; and for 6 months in Yale University as a visiting research fellow. In 1991 I joined the National University of Singapore, and am currently professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering. My research interests lie in the fields of learning theory, intelligent control, nonlinear and robust control, robotics, precision motion control.

Up to now I have 213 peer–reviewed journal papers and 320 peer-referred conference papers, 4 monographs and 3 edited books in system control theory and applications. I have been supervising/co-supervising 31 PhD, 21 Master students, and 15 research staff including post doctoral fellows and research fellows. I have completed 24 funded research projects. I have been served multiple international conferences as general chair, co-chair, track chair, international advisory committee member, and program committee members. I am a fellow of IEEE.

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