Gong Xiao

Dr. Gong Xiao is a Assistant Professor at the National University of Singapore (NUS). He obtained his B. Eng. (Hon.) degree in Electrical Engineering from the Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), and his Ph. D. degree in Electrical Engineering from NUS in June 2013. He was also a Visiting Scholar at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), from May to August 2014. His research aims to enable a new generation of deeply-scaled transistors by employing high-mobility channels with the goal of extending Moore’s law beyond the scaling limits of Si (“More-Moore”) and develop “More-than-More” technologies to provide further value to semiconductor chips by incorporating functionalities that do not necessarily scale according to Moore’s law.

Dr. Gong has published 15 first author journal/conference papers, including 1 invited journal paper, 2 invited conference papers, and 3 papers in IEDM and VLSI Symposium. He has also co-authored more than 60 papers. During his undergraduate at BIT, he won ‘First Prize for Excellent Academic Performance’ for every academic year, ‘Outstanding Student of BIT’, ‘Second Prize in National College Student Electronics Design Contest 2003, Beijing’, ‘Third Prize in 2004 National English Contest for College Students’, and ‘Aerospace Long March Scholarship’. He was also the recipient of the NGS Scholarship from NUS and a Bronze Medal winner at the 6th TSMC Outstanding Student Researcher Award 2012.

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