Hari K Garg

Hari K Garg obtained his BTech degree in EE from IIT Delhi, India, in 1981. Subsequently, he obtained his MEng & PhD degrees from Concordia University, Canada, in 1983 & 1985, and MBA from Syracuse University, USA, in 1995. He was a faculty member at Syracuse University, USA, from 1985 till 1995. He has been with the National University of Singapore, Singapore, since 1995 with the exception of 1998-1999 when he was with Philips. Hari's research interests are in the area of cellular/mobile/wireless communications, digital signal/image processing, coding theory and digital watermarking. He has published extensively on these and related topics. He is also a co-author of many books on topics in digital signal processing. Hari enjoys being an entrepreneur and is a founder of several companies in the space of mobile telephony. The list includes PurpleAce, Fatte, and his latest endeavor Manovega Communications. In his spare time, Hari enjoys singing and listening to Bollywood music and an evil game of Sudoku.

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