Energy Management and Microgrid Laboratory

Our mission statement

We aim to provide facilities for teaching and research in the field of power and transportation systems, control and protection analysis. We also cater for the undergraduate experiments in the above areas and provide research facilities to a number of postgraduate and undergraduate final year students.


Our main research activities are in the field of Power Systems Control and protection analysis. Intelligent Power Distribution Automation and Intelligent System Design and Operation Optimisation of MRT Systems are a few among the various research projects that are happening in our lab.

At undergraduate level, we provide laboratory experiments for the following modules: ·Semester I-EE4501 Power Systems Analysis and Protection.
Semester II- EE4504 Power Systems Dynamics and Control


We are currently developing a Hybrid SmartGrid for research and institutional purposes, watch out this space for more updates.

Our People





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Fuzzy Logic Evolutionary Computation Application Of Soft Computing Techniques To Power System Operation And Control AI Techniques For Machine Design Optimisation Intelligent Incident Detection For Highways

Laboratory Technologist

Mr Seow Hung Cheng

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Postdoctural Fellow

Dr Xiong Peng

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Reseach Scholar

Ms Shu Zhen

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Reseach Scholar

Mr Quan Hao

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Reseach Scholar

Mr GU Chaojun

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Reseach Scholar

Mr Anurag Sharma

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Reseach Scholar

Ms Dhivya Sampath Kumar

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Mr Anupam Trivedi

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Mr Yang Dazhi

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Ms Bi Yinrui

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Reseach Scholar

Mr Sun Zhe

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Research Engineer

Mr Bharat Menon Radhakrishnan

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Research Engineer

Mr Sumith Madampath Sreechithra

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Our research area

Computational Intelligence Techniques for Modeling and Control of Non-linear Systems
Neuro-symbolic system for forecasting and prediction
Evolutionary Computation for Highly Constrained Scheduling Problems
Multi-Agent Systems (MAS)
Power System Analysis
Reliability Theory Applied to Power Systems
Optimization Techniques Applied to Power Systems

Our publications

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Our Location & Contact information

National University of Singapore

WS2-05-20/22 Engineering Workshop 2
1 Engineering Drive 3
Singapore 117580

Person to contact: Mr. Seow Hung Cheng

Contact number: +65 65162136