Control and Simulation Laboratory


The main forcus of Control and Simulation Laboratory is in supporting the teaching and research activities of The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, under Control Division.
The laboratory is equipped with up to date equipments and softwares to support our undergraduates experiments, students projects, research projects, post graduates experiments, B_Tech experiments and projects.

Our People

LEE Tong Heng




 +65 6516 2564

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Adaptive Systems, Knowledge-based Control, Intelligent Mechatronics, Computational Intelligence

XU Jianxin




 +65 6516 2566

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Intelligent And Robust Control, And Applications To Motion Control, Mechatronics, And Robotics

CHEN Benmei




 +65 6516 2289

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Systems Theory, Robust Control, Unmanned Aerial Systems, Financial Market Modeling

GE Shuzhi, Sam




 +65 6516 6821

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Social Robotics, Mind Robotics, Multimedia Fusion, Adaptive Control, Intelligent Systems, Artificial Intelligence

Laboratory Technologist

Ms Sara.K

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Laboratory Technologist

Mr Zhang Hengwei

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Our research area

In term of research, the Control Division continues to gain much visibility internationally, with the main thrusts of our research in the area of automatic tuning/adaptive control; supervisory and knowledge-based systems; fuzzy logic and neural network systems; and intelligent motion control and mechatronics. Several of research projects are collaboration with both industries and international institutions.

Our achievements

Patents, Books and Prizes

1. T.H.Lee,Q.G.Wang and KK Tan, A Modified Relay Feedback Apparatus for Process Frequency Response Estimation, filed in Singapore,1995; granted in Singapore 20 February 1998 with P-No.34225

2. B.M. Chen, H-infinity Control and its Applications,Springer-Verlag,Berlin,1998

3. B.M.Chen, Best Poster Paper Award for the paper entitled, "Exact computation of infimum for a class of continuous - time H-infinity optimal control problem with nonzero direct feedthrough term from the disturbance input to the controlled output, "The Second Asian Control Conference, Seoul,Korea,July 1997

4. B.M.Chen, Asian Young Researcher Award, University of Melbourne, Australia,1997

Our publications

Selected Papers

1. J.X Xu,T.H.Lee, and Q.W.Jia, "An adaptive robust control scheme for a class of nonlinear uncertain systems", International Journal of System Science, Vol.28, no.4, pp.429-434,1997.

2. J.X.Xu,"Analysis of iterative learning control for a class of nonlinear discrete-time systems", Automatica,vol.33, no.10,pp.1905-1907, 1997

3. J.X.Xu ,"Direct learning of control effots for trajectories with different magnitude scales", Automatica, vol.33,no.12,pp.2191-2195,1997

4. J.X.Xu,"Direct learning of control efforts for trajectories with different time scales", IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, vol.43,no.7,pp.1027-1030,1998

5. K.C.Tan,KK Tan,T.H.Lee and K.Z.Tang,"Toward an Intelligent Dispatching Rules For automated Guided Vehicles", Third Asia-Pacific conference on Control & Measurement, China,pp.183-187,1998

6. K.C.Tan and Y.Li, "Multi-objective genetic algorithm based time and fequency domain design unification of control systems",IFAC int.Sym.on Artificial Intelligence in Real-Time Control, Malaysia,pp.61-66,1997

7.K.C.Tan,Y.Li,Gawthrop,P.J. and Glidle,A.,"Evolutionary grey-box modelling for practical systems", Second IEE Int. Conf. on GA in Eng Syst. Innovations and Appl., UK, pp.369-375,1997

8.K.C.Tan and Y.Li,"Evolutionary system identification in the time-domain",Proc. I.Mech.E.,Part I, Special Issue on Applications of Genetic Algorithms to Engineering Systems,Vol.211,N0.4,pp.319-323,1997

9.B.M.Chen,"Solvability conditions for the disturbance decoupling problems with static measurement feedback", International Journal of Control, Vol.68,No.1,pp.51-60,1997

10. B.M.Chen and S.R.Weller,"Mappings of the finite and infinity zero structures and invertibility structuresof general linear multivariable systems under the bilinear transformation",Automatica,Vol.34,No.1,pp.111-124,1998

11. B.M.Chen,"On properties of the special coordinate basis of linear systems". International Journal of control,vol.71,no.6,pp.981-1003,1998

12. B.M.Chen,"Direct computation of infimum in discrete-time H-infinity optimization using measurement feedback", Systems & Control Letter, Vol.35,No.5,pp.269-278,1998

Our Location & Contact information

3 Engineering Drive 3
Dept of Electrical and Computer Engineering
National University of Singapore
Singapore 117576

Person to contact: Ms Sara. K

Contact number: 6516-4404