Control, Intelligent Systems & Robotics

  • The CISR Area involves 3 main subgroups: Control, Intelligent Systems, and Robotics.


    The research of the Control subgroup is centered on systems and control. The core strengths are on system control methodology, and industrial applications. The current focus of system control methodology includes adaptive systems, switched & hybrid systems, robust control, and nonlinear control. The current focus of industrial applications includes process control for chemical engineering and semiconductor manufacturing systems, precision mechatronics for data storage systems, precision medical systems, unmanned aerial vehicles.


    The research of the Intelligent Systems subgroup focuses on computational and machine intelligence. The core strengths are on computational intelligence based optimization, and machine learning based applications. The current focus of computational intelligence based optimization includes multi-objective evolutionary optimization methods for engineering design problems. The current focus of machine learning based applications includes classification and diagnosis of biomedical signals, machine health condition diagnosis & monitoring.


    The research of the Robotics subgroup is centered on autonomous robotic technology. The core strengths are on robot design and control. The current focus of robotic technology includes industrial robot, social robot, biped humanoid robot, healthcare robot, and network robotics. The synthesis of control theory and robotic technology yields multi-agent systems, guidance and navigation.

  • The CISR group has also actively conducted research in high-speed precision motion control and energy-efficient manufacturing systems. The precision mechatronics team focuses on R&D in high-precision and high-speed motion control and instrumentation with applications to precision engineering and manufacturing, biotechnology and transportation. The constituent technologies of precision mechatronic systems of interest to the sub-group include drives and actuation systems, measurement and control systems, system optimization and applications. A joint laboratory with SIMTech focuses on the design and realization of precision motion control specifically for the manufacturing sector, with interests in projects relating to micro-machining, precision metrology, precision geometrical and thermal compensation, fault tolerant control and accommodation.




    Laboratories in the Area


    1. Mechatronics and Automation Laboratory

    3. Control and Simulation Laboratory

    5. Advanced Control Technology Laboratory

    7. The Social Robotics Laboratory
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