Research Interest

Laser Nanofabrication

1. Sub-20 nm nano-materials synthesis by laser ablation in vacuum, liquid and air
2. Sub-50 nm surface nano-structuring by laser/AFM, Laser/NSOM, Laser/transparent particles, laser interference lithography and parallel micro-lens array nanolithography

Laser Precision Engineering for Industrial Applications

1. Laser surface modification (cleaning, annealing, bumping and crack-free glass microstructuring)
2. Femtosecond laser microprocessing for bio-chip and tissue engineering


1. Large area plasmonic and meta-materials /structure fabrication and characterization
2. Tuning of plasmonic resonance wavelength and weakly dissipated plasmonic materials/structures
3. Femtosecond laser induced multi-photon absorption in near field and meso field
4. THz spectroscopy, novel THz structure design & fabrication

Optical Diagnostics

1. Laser assisted bio-imaging & pump-probe spectroscopy
2. Laser micro/nanofabrication process real-time monitoring

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