Director's Message

Welcome to Optical Science and Engineering Center (OSEC) in NUS.

Our center was founded in 2015, as an answer to an increasing number of research activities in the field of optical science and engineering around the globe. 

Light is the only type of energy that can be precisely controlled and transmitted coherently without any confinement. These properties make light unique for future nanoscale applications as we are racing to make our devices smaller. Light has been an integral component in many applications, ranging from light bulb, laser radar in google cars to even laser weapons in Star Wars. This pure, neat and beautiful physical energy shall keep bringing life to many long-pursued next-generation technologies, such as photonic computing, atomic laser, and gravity-wave characterization instruments. Therefore, the critical role which light plays in shaping the lifestyle of every human being is undebatable.

With the founding of the Optical Science and Engineering Center in NUS, we hope to further contribute to the field of optical science and engineering in three meaningful ways. First, we want to ride the wave of innovation and push the envelope. We wish to innovate current optical technologies and invent new ones by marrying in-depth fundamental optical scientific research to top notch engineering capabilities we have in NUS.

Second, we want to have a strong presence in optical engineering industries. OSEC will be the “go to” place for agencies and companies in the industry for collaborations and partnerships. We will achieve this mission through collaborative research and development between academicians and industry, and by commercialization of our own in-house technologies.

Third, we want to nurture future leaders in the field of optical science and engineering, by providing education resources, hands-on trainings and dedicated mentorship to the students. This next generation of talents that we train, will continue to invent and innovate our future, with their deep knowledge and experience in optical science research.

On behalf of OSEC, I would like to invite all interested parties to visit OSEC to see how we can explore close collaboration opportunities and create a “brighter” future.



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