Learning and Vision Lab, ECE, NUS

Group Seminar List 2015

Date & Time Event Venue Speakers Topics & Slides
Mar. 12, 2-4pm E5-02-06 Lin Min + Xu Chunyan Normalization, Dark Knowledge
Mar. 26, 2-4pm E5-02-06 Lai Haijiang RNN for visions (two papers)
Apr. 02, 2-4pm E5-02-06 Bi Wei Classification with High Dimensional Outputs
Apr. 09, 2-4pm E5-02-06 Liu Luoqi Face recognition (recent papers survey)
Apr. 16, 2-4pm E5-02-06 ICCV Deadline
Apr. 23, 2-4pm E5-02-06 ICCV Deadline
Apr. 29, 2-4pm E5-02-06 Liang Xiaodan Object Segmentation (recent papers)
May 07, 2-4pm E5-02-06 Shahrooz Faghihroohi 3D Facial Motion Tracking and Animation
May 14, 2-4pm E5-02-06 Xiao Shengtao Face alignment (a survey and own progress)
May 21, 2-4pm E5-03-21 Jin Xiaojie Evolving Network (survey and own progress)
May 28, 2-4pm E5-02-06 Lu Canyi Block-diagonality (a survey and own progress)
Jun. 04, 2-4pm E5-02-06 Shu Xiangbo Aging synthesis (a survey and own progress)
Jun. 18, 2-4pm E5-02-06 Siavash Object detection: State-of-the-art
Jun. 25, 2-4pm E5-02-06 Siavash DL review (Lecun)
July 01, 2-4pm E5-02-06 Yunchao Weakly supervised detection/segmentation
July 09, 2-4pm E5-02-06 Cancelled
July 23, 2-4pm E5-02-06 Min Object classification: state-of-the-art
July 30, 2-4pm Yi YANG's visit
Aug. 06, 2-4pm E5-02-06 Bian Jinwen Face analysis with occlusions: popular papers
Aug. 13, 11am-12noon E5-03-23 Feng Jiashi Big Visual Data Analysis: A Machine Learning Perspective
Aug. 20, 2-4pm E5-02-06 Zhao Fang Previous Research Work
Aug. 27, 2.30-4pm E5-02-06 Li Jianshu Face Detection: State-of-the-Arts
Sep. 03, 2-4pm E5-02-06 Jie Zequn;
Lai Hanjiang
Hypothesis Survey and Comparison (Jie);
End-to-end People Detection in Crowded Scenes (Lai)
Sep. 10, 2-4pm E5-02-06 Luo Changzhi Action Detection: A Survey
Sep. 17, 2-4pm E5-02-06 Liang Xiaodan Instance Segmentation
Sep. 24, 2-4pm Public Holiday
Oct. 01, 2-4pm E5-02-06 Xiang Donglai;
Wang Zhenzhen
Scene Text Detection and Classification
Oct. 08, 2-4pm E5-02-06 CVPR Deadline
Oct. 15, 2-4pm E5-02-06 CVPR Deadline
Oct. 22, 2-4pm E5-02-06 CVPR Deadline
Oct. 29, 2-4pm E5-02-06 CVPR Deadline
Nov. 05, 2-4pm E5-02-06 CVPR Deadline
Nov. 12, 2-4pm E4-05-39 Cao Qingxing Image Captioning: A Survey
Nov. 19, 2-4pm E5-02-06 Yang Wenhan Image and Video Super Resolution
Nov. 26, 2-4pm E5-02-06 Liang Xiaodan ICCV Talk Rehearsal
Dec. 03, 2-4pm E5-02-06 Zhao Fang;
Siavash Sakhavi
Disucssion on ICLR Submissions (Part I)
Dec. 09, 2-4pm E5-02-06 Chen Yunpeng;
Jin Xiaojie
Disucssion on ICLR submissions (Part II)