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Four Post-doctoral RF Positions Available [Posted in 2017]

Four post-doctoral research fellow positions are available now (starting as early as Oct 2017) at the Learning and Vision Group ( http://www.lv-nus.org/ ) with National University of Singapore. The postdocs will have the opportunity to work with world class researchers on cutting edge problems with profound academic and societal impact. In particular, they will work on machine learning, deep learning, and/or their applications for computer vision problems such as object detection, human analytics and image/video processing. Competitive compensation will be offered to highly competitive candidates.

The ideal candidate should meet the following requirements:

(a) Possess or be in the process of completing a PhD degree in the area of machine learning, deep learning or computer vision; (b) Have a strong research record, demonstrated by having been published in prestigious journals and conferences (e.g., ICML/NIPS/CVPR/ECCV/ICCV/TPAMI); (c) Have solid knowledge of machine learning; (d) Have strong programming ability; (e) Be self-motivated and independent.

Recruit RF/RA

The Learning and Vision Group at National University of Singapore seeks four outstanding postdoctoral and two research assistant candidates to work on deep learning and its applications. Depending on candidate interests, projects may include face analytics, human pose estimation, pedestrian detection and general object detection. Experience in computer vision and machine learning with proficiency in Matlab, C++, Python, and CAFFE/Tensorflow is desirable. To apply, please send via email the following to elefjia@nus.edu.sg

(a) A cover letter that includes statement of research interests, soonest available start date, and names and contact information of references (titled LastName _Letter.pdf); (b) CV (titled LastName_CV.pdf); (c) Two representative publications.

In the subject field of your email, please include "Postdoc Application."

Postdoc, RA/RE, PhD Positions Available [Posted on 16/11/2015]

Two postdoctoral researcher and two research assistant positions are now available under the supervision of Assistant Professor FENG Jiashi.
The researchers will work on a research project of deep learning and its applications for face and object image/video analysis. The positions start as early as Dec 2015. Salary is quite competitive.

Beyond the research project, the researchers are encouraged to explore research directions in computer vision, deep learning, machine learning and their applications. Interested applicants please email to Prof. Feng at elefjia@nus.edu.sg.

Ideally, an applicant should have relevant research exposure in computer vision, deep learning or machine learning, and have solid programming ability. We expect an applicant to have strong research ability demonstrated from publication in high profile venue in relevant fields. The applicants must be highly motivated and self-driven, eager to learn new tools and new methodologies. Knowledge and expertise in deep learning and computer vision is preferred.

[Posted on 13/11/2012]

This time, we have quite some positions for Postdocs/RAs/Interns/Visiting research professors/scientists under two large grants.

The topics shall be mainly related with face and objects. If you are experienced and with related background in theory and/or system side, please consider to join us and send your CV to me at: eleyans@nus.edu.sg.

Salary shall be very competitive, but more importantly collaborations shall be very happy ^_^

[Posted on 14/02/2011]

Three Postdoctoral Fellow positions, three RA positions and two PhD scholarships are available for general machine learning, computer vision, and multimedia Research.

Candidates with excellent research experience and excellent programming capability are welcome!

[Posted on 02/08/2010]

1) A Postdoctoral Fellowship position is available for research on activity analysis and large-scale image/video search. Candidate with excellent research experience and excellent programming capability is welcome! Please send your CV to eleyans@nus.edu.sg.

2) Two PhD scholarships for Spring intake of 2011 are available for research on a) 3D face reconstruction, and b) mobile vision and multimedia. Candidates with related experience and good coding capability are welcome! Please send your CV to eleyans@nus.edu.sg.

[Posted on 24/03/2010]

Currently, a PhD scholarship is available for research in 3D face reconstruction area. Candidate with related experience and good coding capability is welcome! Please send your CV to eleyans@nus.edu.sg.

[Posted on 15/12/2008]

With funding for research on 3D face, object detection, video event/activity analysis, we are looking for self-motivated candidates for the positions of Postdoctoral Fellows (~2), Research Assistants/Engineers (~3), and PhD students (~4).

Our group leader, Dr. Shuicheng Yan, has wide research experience in computer vision and machine learning. He has got 23 papers published in IEEE conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR, the best Pattern Recognition conference), and many other papers (~50) in ICCV, ECCV, ICML, IJCAI, WWW, SIGIR, SIGKDD, ICDM, etc. In total, he has published 130 high-quality papers in conferences and journals. The slogan of the group is to work hard together for the bright future of all members.

These positions are available immediately. The salary will be very competitive. Please send your detailed CV to Assistant Prof. Shuicheng Yan's Email: eleyans@nus.edu.sg.