Learning and Vision Lab, ECE, NUS


  1. The Learning and Vision Group at National University of Singapore seeks four outstanding postdoctoral and two research assistant candidates to work on deep learning and its applications. Depending on candidate interests, projects may include face analytics, human pose estimation, pedestrian detection and general object detection. Experience in computer vision and machine learning with proficiency in Matlab, C++, Python, and CAFFE/Tensorflow is desirable. To apply, please send via email the following to elefjia@nus.edu.sg
    (a) A cover letter that includes statement of research interests, soonest available start date, and names and contact information of references (titled LastName _Letter.pdf)
    (b) CV (titled LastName_CV.pdf)
    (c) Two representative publications.
    In the subject field of your email, please include "Postdoc Application."