Learning and Vision Lab, ECE, NUS

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  1. Dr. WANG Changhu; RA (04/08-11/08); now working in ByteDance AI Lab, China
  2. Dr. JIA Yangqing; RA (09/08-12/08); now research scientist director at Facebook
  3. Prof. BO Hua; Visiting Prof. (10/08-04/09)
  4. Dr. LI Teng; Visiting RA (05/09-08/09); now professor at Anhui University, China
  5. Dr. WANG Zheng; Visiting RA (08/09-02/10); now working at DiDi
  6. Dr. CAO Shengjiao; RA, PhD (08/09-05/10); now working at IBM
  7. Dr. LIU Dong; RA (12/09-04/11); now working at Netflix
  8. Dr. ZHU Guangyu; RF (07/09-05/11); now working at Juniper Networks
  9. Mr. LI Darui; RA (09/10-04/11)
  10. Dr. NI Bingbing; PhD (12/07-04/11); now professor at Shanghai Jiaotong University, China
  11. Dr. MU Yadong; RF (07/09-06/11); now assistant professor at Peking University
  12. Dr. BAO Bingkun; RA (07/09-06/11); now associate professor at Chinese Academy of Sciences
  13. Dr. YAN Hui; RA (04/10-10/10); now associate professor at Nanjing University of Science and Technology
  14. Dr. Liu Xiaobai; RA (12/08-06/11); now assistant professor at San Diego State University
  15. Dr. LI Lusong; RF (12/10-08/11); now working at Graymatics
  16. Dr. YUAN Xiaotong; RF (07/09-07/11); now professor at Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology
  17. Mr. GUO Wen; RA(05/11-12/11)
  18. Dr. LANG Congyan; Visiting Professor (11/10-11/11); now professor at Beijing Jiaotong University
  19. Dr. SUN Ju; RA (08/08-06/12); now postdoctoral scholar at Stanford University
  20. Dr. LIU Guangcan; Postdoc (11/10-01/12); now professor at Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology
  21. Dr. LIU Hairong; Postdoc (07/09-03/12); now working at Baidu Silicon Valley AI Lab
  22. Dr. WANG Zilei; Postdoc (02/11-08/12, now USTC)
  23. Mr. TAN Jun; Visiting Stu. (11/11-02/13, now Phd Stu. in NUDT)
  24. Mr. Raghudeep Gadde; RA (01/12-10/12, now Phd Stu. in CLVC (http://centrale-ponts.fr/), France)
  25. Dr. SONG Zheng; Phd Stu. (01/09-12/12, now Postdoc. in SOC)
  26. Prof. LU Ke; Visiting Prof. (01/12-03/12, now Prof. in UCAS)
  27. Dr. CHENG Bin; Phd Stu. (09/08-01/13, now Technical Director at 360 AI Institue)
  28. Mr. JI Jianqiu; Visiting Stu. (01/12-02/13, now Phd Stu. in Tsinghua Univ.)
  29. Mr. CHEN Xiangyu; Phd Stu. (11/10-04/12, now A-Star)
  30. Ms. XU Hui; RE (01/13-05/13, now in Chongqing CAS)
  31. Dr. GAO Guangyu; Visiting Stu. (07/12-04/13, now in Beijing Institute of Technology)
  32. Dr. SUN Lin; RE (09/12-08/13, Lenovo Coporate Research Hong Kong)
  33. Dr. ZHANG Lining; RE (03/13-09/13, now in A-Star)
  34. Mr. FANG Yuqiang; RA (04/13-10/13, now in NUDT)
  35. Dr. XU Mengdi; Phd Stu. (08/09-08/13, now in A-Star)
  36. Dr. LI Annan; RF (12/11-11/13, now in A-Star)
  37. Prof. XIE Jianbin; Visiting Prof. (08/12-11/13, now NUDT)
  38. Mr. LI Shaoxin; RA (06/21-12/30, now in ICT-CAS)
  39. Dr. XING Junliang; RF(12/12-12/13, now in NLPR)
  40. Dr. CHEN Qiang; RE, PHD, RF (03/09-02/14, now in IBM Austrialia)
  41. Mr. SUN Xinghai; RA (12/13-04/14, now Master in Peking Univ.)
  42. Mr. XU Zhongwen; RE (11/13-02/14, now phd at Univ. of Queensland)
  43. Dr. ZHANG Hangwang; RA (09/13-03/14, now RF in SOC, NUS)
  44. Mr. SHEN Jie; Visiting Stu. (08/13-04/14, Phd at Rutgers Univ.)
  45. Mr. XU Yang; FYP Stu. (07/13-04/14, now in ExxonMobil Singapore.)
  46. Dr. DOMOKOS Csaba; RF (03/12-05/14, PostDoc at IST Austria)
  47. Dr. FENG Jiashi; RA, PhD (07/09-05/14, PostDoc at Berkeley)
  48. Dr. NGUYEN VAN TAM; PhD, RE (01/11-11/13, now in SP)
  49. Dr. ZHANG Kang; Visiting Stu. (07/13-06/14, now in Tsinghua Univ.)
  50. Dr. XIA Wei; PHD (09/10-07/14, now in Orbeus. Inc.)
  51. Dr. HU Zhenzhen; Visiting Stu. (09/12-09/14, in Hefei Univ. of Techonology)
  52. Dr. DONG Jian; PHD (12/10-11/14, Research Scientist at Amazon)
  53. Dr. LIU Si; Visiting Stu., RF (11/09-11/14, now in CAS)
  54. Prof. HAN Hong; Visiting Scholar (01/14-01/15, in Xidian Univ.)
  55. Ms. LUO Xuan; Intern (08/14-02/15, in Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ.)
  56. Mr. LI Shuo; Intern (08/14-02/15, in Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ.)
  57. Mr. CHEN Ming; Intern (09/14-02/15, in Purdue Univ.)
  58. Ms. WANG Jing; Visiting Stu. (09/13-05/15, in Hefei Univ. of Techonology)
  59. Mr. WANG Jianfeng; Intern (03/14-05/15, in USTC)
  60. Dr. BI Wei; Visiting Scholar (10/14-06/15, Now in Hongkong Univ. of Science and Technology)
  61. Mr. ZHU Changbo; RA (08/14-07/15, now in NUS)
  62. Mr. SHU Xiangbo; Visiting Scholar (07/14-08/15, in NUST)
  63. Dr. NIU Zhiheng; RF (04/13-09/15, now in Delphi Deutschland GmbH)
  64. Dr. LAI Hanjiang; Visiting Stu, RF (12/13-09/15, in SYSU)
  65. Dr. XU Chunyan; Visiting Stu, Intern (09/13-09/15, now in NJUST)
  66. Mr. WEI Yunchao; Visiting Stu (11/13-11/15, Beijing Jiaotong Univ.)
  67. Mr. XIE Guosen; Visiting Stu (11/14-11/15, IACAS)
  68. Dr. Cui Zhen; RF(09/14-11/15, Associate Prof. Southeast Univ.)
  69. Prof. XIAO Jimin; Visiting Scholar (12/15- 01/16, in Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool Univ.)
  70. Mr. CAO Qingxing; Visiting Stu. (04/15-03/16, Phd stu. in Sun Yat-Sen Univ.)
  71. Ms. WANG Zhenzhen; Intern (01/15-12/15, now Phd stu. in NTU)
  72. Dr. LUO Changzhi; Visiting Stu. (09/14-03/16, now at Huawei)
  73. Dr. LIU Luoqi; PHD (06/11-01/16, now in 360)
  74. Dr. LIN Min; PHD (03/12-01/16, now in 360)
  75. Dr. HUANG Junshi; PHD (12/11-09/15, now in 360)
  76. Dr. BIAN Jingwen; RA (03/15-03/16, now in Visenze)
  77. Dr. LIANG Xiaodan; Visiting Stu. (03/14-03/16, now Project Scientist in CMU)
  78. Mr. LIU Hao; Visiting Stu. (09/15-03/17, in Hefei Univ. of Techonology)
  79. Dr. LI Ping; Postdoctoral Researcher (08/16-09/17, now Associate Prof. in Hangzhou Dianzi Univ.)
  80. Dr. JIE Zequn; PHD/RA/RF (11/13-06/17, now Research Scientist in Tecent AI Lab)
  81. Mr. YANG Xu; RA (08/16-06/17, now Phd stu. in NTU)
  82. Mr. LI Jianan; Visiting Stu. (08/2015-07/2017, Phd stu. in Beijing Institute of Technology)
  83. Dr. ZHAO Bo; Visiting Stu. (09/2015-08/2017, now RF at University of British Columbia)
  84. Ms. ZHANG Mengdan; Visiting Stu. (08/2016-09/2017, now at Tencent Youtu, Shenzhen)
  85. Dr. WEI Yunchao; Postdoc RF (07/2016-09/2017, now at UIUC, USA)
  86. Dr. ZHAO Fang; RF (08/2015-09/2017, now working at Huawei Singapore Research Center)
  87. Dr. YANG Wenzhuo; RF (10/2016-10/2017, now in SAP)
  88. Dr. Siavash Sakhavi; PHD Stu. (01/2013-08/2017, now in Kronikare Pte Ltd)
  89. Dr. XIAO Shengtao; PHD Stu. (08/2013-08/2017, now in Qihoo 360 International)
  90. Dr. LU Canyi; RA, Phd Stu., PostDoc (09/2012-12/2017, now PostDoc in CMU)
  91. Mr. HOU Yunqing; RA (05/2017-02/2018, now at Virtu Financial)
  92. Mr. WANG Zeguan; FYP Student (01/2018-05/2018, now PhD at MIT)
  93. Ms. GE Xuyan; FYP Student (10/2017-04/2018, now at Realtek Singapore)
  94. Ms. WANG Mengyin; Visiting Stu. (01/2017-09/2018, now Phd candidate at NJUST)
  95. Mr XIAO Huaxin; Visiting Stu. (09/2016-09/2018, now Phd candidate at NUDT)
  96. Dr. JIN Xiaojie; Phd Stu. (08/2014-07/2018, now Research Scientist ain Bytedance AI Lab @ Silicon Valley)
  97. Mr ZHOU Li; RA (08/2017-09/2018, now at China Commodity E-store)
  98. Dr. Ilija ILIEVSKI; PhD Stu. (01/2016-08/2018, now Research Scientist at Neuri, Singapore)
  99. Mr. SHI Yujun; Visiting Stu. (07/2018-12/2018); now student in Nankai University
  100. Dr. LU Kangkang; RA (02/18-10/18); now working in I2R A-star, Singapore
  101. Dr. LI Jianshu; PhD Stu. (01/2015-01/2019); now work at Ant Financial, Singapore
  102. Dr. ZHAO Jian; Phd Stu. (01/2016-04/2019); now Assistant Professor at Institute of North Electronic Equipment, China
  103. Mr. TU Xiaoguang; Visiting Stu. (08/2018-02/2020); now Phd student in Unviersity of Electronic Sciences and Technology, China
  104. Mr. LIU Zichen; FYP Student (07/2019-05/2020); now Associate Data Scientist in Shopee
  105. Ms. LI Taoran; FYP Student (07/2019-05/2020); now Product Manager in Shopee
  106. Dr. NIE Xuecheng; PhD Stu. (08/2016-05/2020); now at YITU
  107. Dr. LI Jianan; RF (08/2019-08/2020); now at Beijing Institute of Techlogogy, China
  108. Ms. LIU Ting; Visiting Stu. (08/2019-08/2020); PhD at Beijing Jiaotong University, China
  109. Ms. LI Yu; Visiting Stu. (08/2019-08/2020); PhD at Institute of Computing Techonology, CAS
  110. Mr. SI Chenyang; Visiting Stu. (08/2019-08/2020); PhD at Institute of Automation, CAS