Undergraduate Student Council

Structure & Objectives

The ECE Undergraduate Student Council (USC) was set up under ECE Student Life in 2014. The USC primarily comprises of year 1 to year 4 EE and CEG cohort representatives, ECE scholars, and the presidents of three student clubs, namely, the ECE Club, IEEE NUS Student Branch and IEEE HKN NUS Chapter. The USC Executive Committee comprises of the USC president and vice-president, secretary and treasurer. Guiding the USC are four staff advisors, namely, A/Prof Marc Armand, A/Prof Prahlad Vadakkepat, Dr Qiu Cheng Wei, and Ms Nicole Phua.

One of the objectives of the USC is to serve as the voice for the undergraduate student body to make a difference in their University experience. They will work closely with the Department’s management to address student concerns, opinions and suggestions as well as be involved in some of the Department’s decision making processes.

Another objective of the USC is to provide a rich and holistic experience for ECE students through a wide range of activities. The USC will bring the presidents of the three student clubs together to work collaboratively and synergistically, and will provide checks and balances as needed. The USC will also engage ECE students in engineering-focused community projects. Through these activities, students get a chance to apply what they have learned in the classroom to develop ECE solutions to real-life problems, and are reminded not to forget others who may be less fortunate than them in one way or another. These activities will also help create greater awareness about ECE technologies and hopefully attract future generations of students to study ECE. In addition, Student Life activities previously organized by the Department such as the Freshmen Party, will be organized by the USC in future with the aim of making these activities more consistent with the interests and aspirations shared by the student body.

Given the challenging demands of the EE and CEG programmes and the possible distractions and difficulties that students might encounter along the way, it is not uncommon to see students stumbling and falling along the way. Hence, another objective of the USC is to provide an extra safety net for ECE students with its team of student counsellors who will be trained to identify and understand at-risk behaviours, listen actively, and so on.

For more information and details of the USC Constitution, please click here

Members of the 3rd USC

Lim Yi Hong
Shi Bohan
Vice President
Khoo Jun Hao Desmond
Noor El Iman Bte Mohamed Fuad

Wilbert Biao-Hui Tan
EE Year 1 Cohort Rep
Tang Boyang
CEG Year 1 Cohort Rep

Tang Zhe Jun
EE Year 2 Cohort Rep
Edwin Tung Keng Wee
EE Year 2 Direct-Entry Cohort Rep

Sakai Naomi
EE Year 3 Direct-Entry Cohort Rep
Leow Zheng Yu
CEG Year 3 Direct-Entry Cohort Rep

Prabu S/O Summugam
EE Year 4 Cohort Rep
Tania Chattopadhyay
CEG Year 4 Cohort Rep
Lim Bao Xiang Kenneth
EE Year 4 Direct-Entry Cohort Rep
Lim Yong Zhi
CEG Year 4 Direct-Entry Cohort Rep

Teo Meng Shin Ryan
Nominated Member
Banerjee Aniruth
Nominated Member
Muhammad Salleh B Mohamed I
Nominated Member

Lim Gin Rai Gavin
Nominated Member
Leong Jun Hao Desmond
Nominated Member

Jelena Neo Hui Ling
ECE Scholar

Zeng Jinqing
ECE Club President
Sean Xu Shunjie
IEEE President - AY1617 Sem 1
Chen Si
IEEE-HKN President

Yeo Kai Yan (CEG Year 2 Cohort Rep)
Eu Jin Marcus Yatim (CEG Year 3 Cohort Rep)
Lai Jiongjing Darren (ECE Scholar)
Joanne Tan Si Ying (ECE Scholar)
Anderson Ang Weijian (IEEE President- AY1617 Sem 2)

3rd USC Induction Ceremony

The USC Induction Ceremony took place on 9 September 2016 at the Engineering Auditorium. It was a proud moment for a very special group of students, as they stepped forward to take up their roles in the USC as student leaders, to serve the student body. The USC President, Lim Yi Hong, led his fellow council members to recite the USC Oath, marking their formal entrance into the NUS ECE community.

USC Leadership Workshop Series

The USC Leadership Workshop Series is a Department initiative designed to help members of the Undergraduate Student Council (USC) realize their potential as leaders, and develop the qualities that are essential to good leadership. The workshops enable the student leaders to explore their strengths and enhance their leadership capabilities through the new knowledge that they acquire, which includes strategies for effective communication and principles of team management, project management and event management.

The first two workshops in this series were held on 5 December 2014 and 7 February 2015, respectively, and were conducted by Mr Benjamin Loh, founder of Speaker’s Flare Training & Consultancy.

The first workshop focused on effective communications skills with the following learning outcomes:

  • Discover personal communications strengths and barriers with an advanced profiling tool
  • Master the 4 ways to get message across to the teams that one is managing with ease and effectiveness
  • Pre-empt what are the key areas of conflicts and misunderstandings so one can side-step them ahead of time

The second workshop emphasized project management essentials with the following aims:

  • Breaking down Project Management Into a 5-Step Model
  • Exploring the 3 PM tools that one can use to enhance team management and communications
  • Integrating the Soft Skills/DISC Training for people management
  • Incorporating top 3 principles for project and event management for success

All in all, these workshops were insightful, engaging and inspired our student leaders to strengthen their leadership skills.

USC Retreat

The first Undergraduate Student Council (USC) Retreat was held on the morning of 10 December 2014. The retreat was specially organized by the Department to provide the council members an opportunity to get to know each other, in addition to creating unity within the group. It also served as a platform for the council members to clarify their individual expectations of the USC’s mission and hence come to a consensus of the same. In the process, the council members brainstormed for ideas for the semesters ahead.

The retreat was conducted by Ms Nicole Phua, the Department’s senior executive for Student Life. The retreat started off with a relaxing game of neck massages to break the ice between council members. This was followed with an energizing teambuilding game of “Sketch a picture”, whereby the council members were divided into groups and at any time, a member of each group would have the opportunity to view a picture (pasted behind a board) for a minute and then report back to his respective group to sketch the particular picture on a piece of paper. It was a meaningful activity that helped the council members appreciate that planning and communication are crucial in a team.

The student leaders had loads of fun interacting with one another over lunch. The second half of the retreat focused on resolving the differences between individual member’s expectations of the USC’s mission and come to an agreement on the set of goals to be achieved. It was indeed a fruitful day with new friendships forged, old ones strengthened and a unified sense of purpose instilled in all.