Student Life - Academic & Emotional Support

Academic Advisor/Mentor System

Each ECE student is assigned to an Academic Advisor/Mentor, who is an Academic Staff of the ECE and SOC Department, at the start of his/her journey here in NUS ECE. The Academic Advisor offers academic advice and is able to counsel students in need. This includes providing advice/information that would help students to make decisions on choice of modules /specialization/career, helping students achieve his/her potential by giving encouragement and lending their support wherever possible.

Math Refresher Courses

The math refresher sessions are designed for Year 1 students who feel they need more help and clarification in math and physics concepts. Concepts, tips and tricks related to different topics were taught by ECE Professors. Look out for emails for information of dates and venues and come join in the learning!

Peer-Tutoring Scheme

The ECE Department, IEEE-HKN NUS Chapter and the ECE Undergraduate Student Council started a new initiative, Peer Tutoring Scheme in 2015. Interested junior students will be paired with passionate senior tutors who had performed well in the year 1 & 2 core modules and are keen to volunteer their time to help these students who need additional help to clarify their doubts and concepts with the peer tutors whenever they encounter difficulties in their studies. These senior tutors are personally interviewed by HKN and the Department to ensure that they are able to commit to provide a good standard of tutoring throughout the semester.


CAREGROUP is a new initiative started by ECE Student Life. This is a self-help group for people who are experiencing some challenges (whether is it related to mental health problems, addictions or even personal problems) or have overcome these challenges to get together as a group for information and sharing of experiences. In these sessions, students will gather some form of social and emotional support while learning from one another.

This CAREGROUP is open to all ECE Students! This CAREGROUP is facilitated by both Ms Nicole Phua and trained peer volunteers(i.e caregroup leaders). They strive to make this caregroup a safe and therapeutic avenue for students to relate their experiences with others. And therefore, all information shared during these sessions will be kept confidential.

We meet on every even week, so come join us!