Student Life - Industry & Career Activities

Career Fair cum Streaming Talk 2015

Every year, the Department organizes a streaming talk on the different specialization areas within ECE to assist year-2 students in their selection of technical elective modules to be pursued in their third and fourth year of study. As part of the streaming talk, exhibits from the different areas are showcased to help students better understand the sort of developmental work that an engineer with a particular specialization could be engaged in. This year’s streaming talk was held on 27 March 2015.

Running in parallel with this year’s streaming talk was our very first ECE Career Fair, jointly organized by the Department and the ECE Undergraduate Student Council (USC). The career fair, which was held at the EA foyer, provided a platform for ECE students of all years to meet and network with HR personnel and engineers from the industry such as Centre For Strategic Infocomm Technologies, DSO National Laboratories, Lantiq, Micron Semiconductor Asia, Panasonic Singapore Laboratories, Rolls-Royce Singapore, Seagate Technology, Singapore Power, ST Electronics and Xilinx Asia Pacific. The participating companies were carefully selected so that there was equal representation across the different areas of specialization.

Year-2 students, who were in the midst of exploring the different module concentrations, had the opportunity to interact with engineers from the participating companies after the streaming talk, and hence gather more information about the different specialization tracks. On the other hand, final-year students gained a better understanding of the different kinds of jobs they could look forward to after graduation, while other students explored the various VIP/IA opportunities offered by the participating companies.

Enhanced Industrial Attachment Fair

The first Enhanced Industrial Attachment (eIA) Fair was held on 5 September 2014. The eIA programme is a new and exciting programme which students can embark on in Sem 2 of their third year of study. In this programme, they will work as an intern in a company for six months, with the possibility of extension by another six months, during which the work that they do will constitute a Final Year Project (FYP). During the period of extension, students will, in addition, be permitted to return to campus one day a week to read some modules. The first eIA Fair showcased 7 electronics MNCs and offered ECE students the opportunity to explore and discover internship opportunities that are right for them.

Industrial Talks

Several talks were organized by the Student Life section of the department. Talks with these companies, such as DSO National Laboratories, Inphi Corporation, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited, Institute for Infocomm Research- A*Star, Open Compute Project for Facebook, FMC Technologies, Schneider Electric, SEMI South East Asia, SIA Engineering Company and ST Electronics (Satellite system), occurred though out the academic year. This gave the students a chance to know more about these companies and the work lives in there. Students were encouraged to interact with the employees of these companies before applying for positions offered by them.

Industrial Visits and Tours

Several industrial visits and tours were organized by the Student Life section of the department. In the past two years, students visited Continental Automotive Singapore Pte.Ltd, Exxon Mobil Plant Tour, Singapore Semiconductor Industry Association (SSIA) Industry Site Visit and Schneider Electric. Students were able to catch a rare glimpse of the work at these companies. It was indeed an opportunity for the students to find out more about the company.