Signal Analysis and Machine Intelligence

Signal Analysis and Machine Intelligence

The Signal Analysis and Machine Intelligence (SAMI) group at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, the National University of Singapore is actively working on a broad range of different research topics related to medical image processing, computer and human vision, learning, media, graphics, and human computer interaction.

We have core strength in various areas of imaging and vision computing, including its fundamental mathematical and statistical questions (such as data analysis in the high-dimensional situation), the psychophysical or physiological investigations of human visual systems, as well as the algorithmic advances in the various problems. Learning and exploiting structures in high-dimensional data also receives increasing attention within the group, as there are a growing number of practical problems that involve the extraction of information from a large number of measurements, usually noisy or incomplete.

As in the whole of ECE, there is an increasingly tight integration with various application areas, and for the case of SAMI, this is especially notable in the areas of computer graphics, medical imaging, and multimedia processing. This ability to model, annotate, search, organize visual and verbal knowledge will change many aspect of science, medicine, manufacturing, education, information, entertainment, and defense. Ultimately, we want to developing engineering systems that can “see” and interact intelligently with the world around them.

Research Domains

  • Neural recording & analysis
  • Medical Imaging
  • Image & Video Processing
  • Object / face/ scene / event / activity / pattern recognition
  • High-Dimensional Data Analysis
  • Computational Brain Imaging
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Neuromorphic Sensing
  • Cognitive and computational vision: Saliency / attention / eye gaze
  • Augmented Reality / HCI

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