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The electronic properties of grapheneAHC Neto, F Guinea, NMR Peres, KS Novoselov, AK GeimReviews of modern physics 81 (1), 109115772009
Face recognition using LaplacianfacesX He, S Yan, Y Hu, P Niyogi, HJ ZhangPattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, IEEE Transactions on 27 (3), 328-34027442005
Graph embedding and extensions: a general framework for dimensionality reductionS Yan, D Xu, B Zhang, HJ Zhang, Q Yang, S LinPattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, IEEE Transactions on 29 (1), 40-5116922007
Substrate-induced bandgap opening in epitaxial grapheneSY Zhou, G-H Gweon, AV Fedorov, PN First, WA De Heer, D-H Lee, F Guinea, AH Castro Neto, A LanzaraNature materials 6 (10), 770-77515622007
Simultaneous phase and size control of upconversion nanocrystals through lanthanide dopingFeng Wang, Yu Han, Chin Seong Lim, Yunhao Lu, Juan Wang, Jun Xu, Hongyu Chen, Chun Zhang, Minghui Hong, Xiaogang LiuNature 463 (7284), 1061-106513662010
Robust method to retrieve the constitutive effective parameters of metamaterialsX Chen, TM Grzegorczyk, BI Wu, J Pacheco Jr, JA KongPhysical Review E 70 (1), 01660812842004
Electronic properties of disordered two-dimensional carbonNMR Peres, F Guinea, AHC NetoPhysical Review B 73 (12), 12541112742006
Biased bilayer graphene: semiconductor with a gap tunable by the electric field effectEduardo V Castro, KS Novoselov, SV Morozov, NMR Peres, JMB Lopes Dos Santos, Johan Nilsson, F Guinea, AK Geim, AH Castro NetoPhysical Review Letters 99 (21), 21680212612007
Preparation of Y‐Ba‐Cu oxide superconductor thin films using pulsed laser evaporation from high Tc bulk materialD Dijkkamp, T Venkatesan, XD Wu, SA Shaheen, N Jisrawi, YH Min‐Lee, WL McLean, M CroftApplied Physics Letters 51 (8), 619-62112371987
Making graphene visibleP Blake, EW Hill, AH Castro Neto, KS Novoselov, D Jiang, R Yang, TJ Booth, AK GeimApplied Physics Letters 91 (6), 06312412152007
Direct evidence for a half-metallic ferromagnetJH Park, E Vescovo, HJ Kim, C Kwon, R Ramesh, T VenkatesanNature 392 (6678), 794-79610791998
Cross-layer design: a survey and the road aheadV Srivastava, M MotaniCommunications Magazine, IEEE 43 (12), 112-11910492005
Neighborhood preserving embeddingX He, D Cai, S Yan, HJ ZhangComputer Vision, 2005. ICCV 2005. Tenth IEEE International Conference10362005
Improving amplify-and-forward relay networks: optimal power allocation versus selectionY Zhao, R Adve, TJ LimInformation Theory, 2006 IEEE International Symposium on, 1234-123810302006
Single-domain circular nanomagnetsRP Cowburn, DK Koltsov, AO Adeyeye, ME Welland, DM TrickerPhysical Review Letters 83 (5), 104210081999
Switched linear systems: Control and designZ SunSpringer Science & Business Media10002006
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An HOG-LBP human detector with partial occlusion handlingX Wang, TX Han, S YanComputer Vision, 2009 IEEE 12th International Conference on, 32-399752009
Sparse representation for computer vision and pattern recognitionJ Wright, Y Ma, J Mairal, G Sapiro, TS Huang, S YanProceedings of the IEEE 98 (6), 1031-10449592001
The organization of the human cerebral cortex estimated by intrinsic functional connectivityBT Thomas Yeo, Fenna M Krienen, Jorge Sepulcre, Mert R Sabuncu, Danial Lashkari, Marisa Hollinshead, Joshua L Roffman, Jordan W Smoller, Lilla Zöllei, Jonathan R Polimeni, Bruce Fischl, Hesheng Liu, Randy L BucknerJournal of neurophysiology 106 (3), 1125-11659302011
Differential gain and bistability using a sodium-filled Fabry-Perot interferometerHM Gibbs, SL McCall, TNC VenkatesanPhysical Review Letters 36 (19), 11358701976
A novel unrestricted center-biased diamond search algorithm for block motion estimationJY Tham, S Ranganath, M Ranganath, AA KassimCircuits and Systems for Video Technology, IEEE Transactions on 8 (4), 369-3778081998
All about maude-a high-performance logical framework: how to specify, program and verify systems in rewriting logicM Clavel, F Durán, S Eker, P Lincoln, N Martí-Oliet, J Meseguer, C TalcottSpringer-Verlag7842007
High Temperature Ferromagnetism with a Giant Magnetic Moment in Transparent Co-doped S n O 2− δSB Ogale, RJ Choudhary, JP Buban, SE Lofland, SR Shinde, SN Kale, VN Kulkarni, J Higgins, C Lanci, JR Simpson, ND Browning, S Das Sarma, HD Drew, RL Greene, T VenkatesanPhysical Review Letters 91 (7), 0772057812003
Strain-induced pseudo-magnetic fields greater than 300 tesla in graphene N Levy, SA Burke, KL Meaker, M Panlasigui, A Zettl, F Guinea, AH Castro Neto, MF CrommieScience 329 (5991), 544-5476572010
New potential functions for mobile robot path planningSS Ge, YJ CuiIEEE Transactions on robotics and automation 16 (5), 615-6206542000
Exploiting multi-antennas for opportunistic spectrum sharing in cognitive radio networksR Zhang, YC LiangSelected Topics in Signal Processing, IEEE Journal of 2 (1), 88-1026422008
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Stable adaptive neural network controlSS Ge, CC Hang, TH Lee, T ZhangSpringer Science & Business Media6302013
Stable adaptive neural network controlSS Ge, CC Hang, TH Lee, T ZhangSpringer Science & Business Media6302013
Stable adaptive neural network controlSS Ge, CC Hang, TH Lee, T ZhangSpringer Science & Business Media6302013
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Gate-tuning of graphene plasmons revealed by infrared nano-imagingZhe Fei, AS Rodin, GO Andreev, W Bao, AS McLeod, M Wagner, LM Zhang, Z Zhao, M Thiemens, G Dominguez, MM Fogler, AH Castro Neto, CN Lau, Fritz Keilmann, DN BasovNature 487 (7405), 82-856062012
A capacity analysis for the IEEE 802.11 MAC protocolYC Tay, KC ChuaWireless networks 7 (2), 159-1716032001
Polymer electronic memories: Materials, devices and mechanismsQD Ling, DJ Liaw, C Zhu, DSH Chan, ET Kang, KG NeohProgress in Polymer Science 33 (10), 917-9786022008
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Adaptive neural network control of robotic manipulatorsSG Shuzhi, TH Lee, CJ HarrisWorld Scientific5071998
Adaptive neural network control of robotic manipulatorsSG Shuzhi, TH Lee, CJ HarrisWorld Scientific5071998
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