Assoc Professor Mansoor B. A. Jalil


Mansoor B. A. Jalil was awarded the Public Service Commission scholarship to read physics at the University of Cambridge, and graduated with a 1st class Honours in 1993. He was awarded a PhD scholarship by St. John's college, Cambridge, in 1995. He completed his thesis on single electron tunneling and was conferred the PhD degree in 1999.

He joined the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of NUS in 1999, and is presently an Associate Professor at the department. He served as the Deputy Director of the NUS Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Initiative in 2006-2010. He has also served on the A*STAR Techscan committee (2004) to advise on emerging technologies, the A*STAR Talent Search Committee (2010) and the board of the Singapore Science Centre 2005-2010.

His research activities are focused on the theory and simulation of nanoelectronic, spintronic and grapheme devices. Presently, he is extending the use of quantum field and gauge theories to develop nanoscale devices with novel functionality. He has published more than 200 research papers in international journal and conference publications in physics and nanotechnology. He has also been invited to give seminars on the topic in the US, Japan, China, Israel and Korea, and contribute review articles in spintronics and quantum devices.

He received the Berita Harian-Achiever of the Year Award (1999), the Singapore Youth Award for Science and Technology (2003), and the NUS Young Researchers Award (2009) for his research work.

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