Assoc Prof John Thong




Head of Department


Assoc Prof CHOR Eng Fong

Assoc Professor
CHOR Eng Fong

Deputy Head


Assoc Prof Yung C. LIANG

Assoc Professor

Deputy Head
& Graduate Programmes)


Assoc Prof Vivian Ng

Assoc Professor

Deputy Head
(Undergraduate Programmes
& Student Life)


Assoc Prof Arthur TAY

Assoc Professor
Arthur TAY

Deputy Head
(External Relations
& Outreach)


Assoc Prof Zhang Rui

Assoc Professor

Associate Head


Assoc Prof Mansoor bin Abdul Jalil

Assoc Professor
Mansoor bin Abdul Jalil

Associate Head
(Graduate Programmes)


Assoc Prof Heng Chun Huat

Assoc Professor
HENG Chun Huat

Associate Head
(Undergraduate Programmes)


Assoc Prof Abdullah AL MAMUN

Assoc Professor
Abdullah AL MAMUN

Associate Head
(Student Life)


Departmental Consultative Committee (DCC) Members

for the term 1 January 2017 to 31 December 2018

External Members

Mr Harish Pillay Global Head, Community Architecture & Leadership Red Hat Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Mr Rajesh Nair Vice President, Technology Development Globalfoundries Singapore
Mr Pee Beng Kong Director (Electronics & China Desk) Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB)
Mr Lau Yue Khei, William Deputy CEO (Research) & Director of Defence Medical & Environmental Research Institute DSO National Laboratories
Mr Lim Boon Choon President, APAC Region Hexagon Metrology Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Mr Lim Soon Hock Managing Director PLAN-B ICAG Pte Ltd
Prof Tan Sze Wee Executive Director A*STAR SERC
Dr Peh Chin Hwee Vice President, Defense Business ST Dynamics Pte Ltd
Dr Bicky Bhangu Director Rolls Royce Singapore Pte Ltd
Mr Bernard Nee Deputy Chief Executive Corporate Services Group & Energy Planning & Development Division Energy Market Authority (EMA)
Mr Jerome Tjia Senior Director, Head of Development Centre Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Mr Lim Kang Song Managing Director Oracle Corp (S) Pte Ltd

Internal Members

Prof Thong Thiam Leong, John (Chair of DCC & Head of Dept)
Assoc Prof Liang Yung Chii (Deputy Head-Research & Graduate Programmes)
Assoc Prof Ganesh Samudra (Deputy Head-Undergraduate Programmes & Student Life)
Assoc Prof Chor Eng Fong (Deputy Head-Administration)
Assoc Prof Arthur Tay (Deputy Head-External Relations & Outreach)
Prof Lawrence Wong (Chair, Industry Relations Committee)