ECE Graduate Module Listing Last updated on 20 July 2017

(Updated for Academic Year 2017-2018)

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To check if module is being offered and scheduled for the semester, academic year, please refer to the ECE Class Timetable webpage.

EE5001Independent Study Module I1, 2n.a.By application. Open to ECE M.Sc students only. 
EE5002Independent Study Module II1, 2n.a.By application. Open to ECE M.Sc students only. 
EE5003Electrical Engineering Project1, 2n.a.By application. Open to ECE M.Sc students only. 
EE5101Linear Systems1CISR 
EE5102Multivariable Control Systems2CISR  
EE5103Computer Control Systems1CISR 
EE5104Adaptive Control Systems1CISR  
EE5106Advanced Robotics2CISROpen to ECE students only. Non-ECE student are to apply to host: ME Dept as ME5402.
EE5107Optimal Control SystemsNot offeredCISR  
EE5108Instrumentation and SensorsNot offeredCISR 
EE5109Applications of Mechatronics2CISR 
EE5110Special Topics in Automation and Control1CISR  
EE5131Wireless CommunicationsNot offeredCN 
EE5132Wireless and Sensor Networks2CN 
EE5133Statistical Signal Processing Techniques1CN 
EE5134Optical Communications and Networks2CN  
EE5135Digital Communications2CN  
EE5137Stochastic Processes1CN 
EE5138Optimization for Communication Systems2CN 
EE5139Information Theory for Communication SystemsNot offeredCN 
EE5201Control in Data Storage SystemsNot offeredCISR  
EE5303Microwave Electronics1MwRF 
EE5308Antenna Engineering1MwRF 
EE5310Communication Networking Fundamentals1CN  
EE5401Cellular Mobile Communications1CN 
EE5402RF Circuit Design INot offeredCN 
EE5404Satellite CommunicationsNot offeredCN 
EE5431Fundamentals of Nanoelectronics1MTD  
EE5434Microelectronic Processes and Integration1, 2MTD 
EE5439Micro/Nano Electromechanical Systems1MTD  
EE5440Magnetic Data Storage for Big Data2MTD 
EE5502MOS Devices1MTD 
EE5507Analog Integrated Circuits Design2ICES 
EE5508Semiconductor Fundamentals1, 2MTD 
EE5514IC Yield, Reliability & Failure AnalysisNot offeredMTD-- 
EE5517Optical Engineering2MTD 
EE5518VLSI Digital Circuit Design1ICES 
EE5666Industrial Attachment1, 2n.a.By application. Open to ECE M.Eng or PhD student only 
EE5701High-Voltage Testing and Switchgear2PES 
EE5702Advanced Power System Analysis1PES 
EE5703Industrial Drives1PES 
EE5704High-Frequency Power ConvertersNot offeredPES  
EE5711Power Electronic Systems2PES 
EE5731Visual Computing1SAMI  
EE5801Electromagnetic Compatibility2MwRF 
EE5831Electromagnetic Wave Theory1MwRF 
EE5902Multiprocessor Systems1ICES 
EE5903Real-time Systems2ICES 
EE5904Neural Networks 2CISR 
EE5907Pattern Recognition 1, 2SAMI 
EE5999Graduate Seminars 1, 2n.a.By default. Applies to ECE M.Eng student only. 
EE6004Selected Advanced Topics in EM Modelling1MwRF  
EE6102Multivariable Control Systems (Advanced)2CISR  
EE6104Adaptive Control Systems (Advanced)1CISR  
EE6105Non-linear Dynamics and ControlNot offeredCISR 
EE6107Optimal Control Systems (Advanced)Not offeredCISR  
EE6110Special Topics in Automation and Control (Advanced)1CISR  
EE6130Classical & Modern Channel CodingNot offeredCN 
EE6131Wireless Communications (Advanced)1CN 
EE6134Optical Networks (Advanced)Not offeredCN  
EE6135Digital Communications (Advanced)2CN  
EE6136Advanced Optical CommunicationsNot offeredCN 
EE6201Control in Data Storage Systems (Advanced)Not offeredCISR  
EE6230Advanced Biomedical Circuits and SystemsNot offeredICES  
EE6231Reconfigurable ComputingNot offeredICES  
EE6310Communication Networking Fundamentals (Advanced)1CN  
EE6435Advanced Concepts in NanoelectronicsNot offeredMTD  
EE6436Advanced Characterization of Materials and Devices1MTD  
EE6437Advanced Semiconductor Devices2MTD  
EE6438Magnetic materials and devices1MTD  
EE6439Micro/Nano Electromechanical Systems (Advanced)1MTD  
EE6440Advanced Topics in Photonics2MTD  
EE6506Advanced Integrated Circuit DesignNot offeredICES  
EE6531Selected Topics in Smart Grid Technologies2PES  
EE6532Power System ReliabilityNot offeredPES  
EE6701Evolutionary ComputationNot offeredCISR 
EE6703Modelling and Control of Electrical ActuatorsNot offeredPES  
EE6704High-Frequency Power Converters (Advanced)Not offeredPES  
EE6733Advanced Topics on Vision and Machine Learning1SAMI  
EE6735Algorithms for Statistical InferenceNot offeredCN & SAMI  
EE6831Advanced Electromagnetic Theory and Applications2MWRF  
EE6832Advanced Multi-antenna Communications2MWRF  
EE6833Selected Topics in Microwave and Antenna Engineering2MWRF  
EE69013D Vision2SAMI  
EE6903Advanced Models of Biological PerceptionNot offeredSAMI  
EE6990Research Attachments1, 2n.a.By default. Applies to ECE PhD student only.  
EE6999Doctoral Seminars1, 2n.a.By default. Applies to ECE PhD student only.  

CN - Communications and Networks
CISR - Control, Intelligent Systems and Robotics
ICES - Integrated Circuits and Embedded Systems
MTD - Microelectronic Technologies and Devices
MwRF - Microwave and RF
PES - Power and Energy Systems
SAMI - Signal Analysis and Machine Intelligence
n.a. - Not applicable



  1. The Department reserves the right to change the offering semesters of the modules.
  2. ECE graduate modules listed may not be offered in any particular academic year.
  3. Code with prefix of 5000 to 6000 range are graduate level module.
  4. Code with prefix of 4000 range and below are undergraduate level module. Description of ECE undergraduate module can be found at
  5. Description of all modules in NUS Faculty can be found at the NUS Bulletin.