B.Eng. (Electrical Engineering)


Our B.Eng. (Electrical Engineering) programme is designed to graduate versatile engineers for immediate employment and to prepare them for challenges ahead. The programmes have strong emphasis on scientific and engineering fundamentals and a high degree of flexibility which can provide a wide diversity of educational experiences. It provides a mix of education, business and research opportunities which is unique in its diversity and richness, allowing the students to plan their individual educational experience in accordance with their career aspirations.

Graduates from the B.Eng. (Electrical Engineering) programme can look forward to bright and challenging careers in research, design and development, manufacturing, marketing, management, and other exciting fields. Apart from commercial and government organisations, graduates of the ECE Department are also highly sought after by technology intensive companies that include:

Biomedical: bioinformatics, biomedical imaging, biomedical instrumentation, perception
Communications: wireless and broadband communications, RF communications
Computers: embedded systems, information appliances, mobile computing
Data Storage: optical data storage, active storage networks
Electronics: power electronics, automotive and defence electronics
Electrical Energy Systems: power distribution and management, renewable energy
Networking: internet protocols, networked applications, security
Semiconductors: IC design, optoelectronics, wafer fabrication, assembly and test, failure analysis
Software: distributed information systems, machine learning
Intelligent Systems: real-time systems, human cognition, robotics and automation systems