ECE Graduate Student Symposium (GSS) is the annual conference for Graduate Students of the ECE Department to showcase their research. This year's symposium held from 16-17thMay, 2016 marks the 6th symposium held by ECE Department. The objective is to further enhance the quality of graduate seminar as well as providing a platform for graduate students and faculty to exchange the latest research findings and ideas. This symposium provides a unique networking opportunity for students and faculty from NUS with leading industry experts in the field. This year we had two keynote speakers- Prof Aaron Thean, who recently joined ECE NUS, and had helmed R&D efforts in logic technologies and devices at IMEC in Belgium previously, and Mr Luo Junyang, an alumnus of ECE, who currently heads the SMPS Engineering Unit at Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific.

A total of 84 oral papers were presented over two days in 17 oral sessions, covering all the seven areas of research within the Department which are listed below:

  • Communication & Networks
  • Control, Intelligent Systems & Robotics
  • Integrated Circuits & Embedded Systems
  • Microelectronic Technologies & Devices
  • Microwave & RF
  • Power & Energy Systems and
  • Signal Processing & New Media.

Best Paper Award

A total of 23 judges covered all oral sessions. The competition was keen and after rounds of evaluations, the judges have chosen the winners for their outstanding research contribution and effective communication/presentation skills. A total of 19 students received symposium awards this year and their names are as follows:

Sesssion Track Presenter Title
1 Microelectronic Technologies & Devices Li Yan An Enhanced DA-ML Phase Estimation Algorithm for Systems using Advanced Modulation Formats
1 Communication & Networks Annie In0.30Ga0.70As QW MOSFETs with Peak Mobility exceeding 3000 cm2/V·s Fabricated on Si Substrates
1 Control, Intelligent Systems, Robotics Arrchana Muruganantham A Time-series Approach to Dynamic Multiobjective Optimization using Support Vector Machines
2 Microelectronic Technologies & Devices Hou Haowen A Sub-THz Broadband Detector Based on a GaN HEMT with Nano Antennas
2 Signal Analysis & Machine Intelligence Canyi Lu Tensor Robust Principal Component Analysis: Exact Recovery of Corrupted Low-Rank Tensors via Convex Optimization
2 Control, Intelligent Systems, Robotics Bin Hu Head-on-Media Detection with PZT Self-Sensing Actuators
3 Power & Energy Systems Xin Zheng An Improved Methodology for Extracting the Interface Defect Density of Passivated Silicon Solar Cells
3 Microelectronic Technologies & Devices Luo Sheng Theoretical Investigation of the Current Distribution in 7 nm few-layer Black Phosphorus Schottky Barrier Field-Effect Transistor
3 Control, Intelligent Systems, Robotics Wang Kangli Development of Autonomous Quadrotor System for Vertical Replenishment
4 Microwave & RF Wu Mengxue Super-resolution imaging via microsphere assisted optical nanoscope
4 Microelectronic Technologies & Devices Shao Xiuyuan A Graphene Ring-Cathode Field Emitter for Focused Electron/Ion Beam Applications
4 Control, Intelligent Systems, Robotics Xia Suibo Design of Feedforward Filling Control for Joining Thick Materials using Robotic Welding Systems
5 Microwave & RF Srien Sithara Syed Nasser Metadielectric integrated low profile wideband antenna
5 Microwave & RF Su Yuanyan Design of coplanar-fed circularly polarized curl antenna for GPS application
5 Microelectronic Technologies & Devices Yang Yumeng Field-like spin orbit torque in ultra-thin polycrystalline FeMn films
5 Microelectronic Technologies &Devices Hou Haowen Resonant-cavity-enhanced GaN plasmonic sub-terahertz detectors
5 Integrated Circuits, Embedded Systems Teng Kok Hin A 400-MHz Reconfigurable BFSK/QPSK Transmitter Based on Sequential Injection Locking for Wireless Neural Signal Processing IC with 625x On-Chip Data Reductions
6 Microwave & RF Hao Chenglong Side lobes suppression using nonlinear optics in 4Pi microscope
6 Signal Analysis & Machine Intelligence Lin Kaimo SEAGULL: Seam-guided Local Alignment for Parallax-tolerant Image Stitching