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ECE Graduate Bowling Event organised by ECE Graduate Student Council (GSC) was held successfully on 24th Sep 2016, in West Bowl @ West Coast Recreational Centre, with around 60 graduate students's participation. This event was aiming at providing a platform for bonding, providing fun games to release pressure, and introducing bowling as an interesting sport to ECE graduate students. The participants were assigned into different groups and they would be able to win various kinds of prizes according to their team scores. In addition, everyone was awarded a fancy notepad for their participation. During the event, our organizers also collected some feedbacks from participants.

Let'ss hear their expereinces!

Lu Lingyun, who is an ECE master student, said it was her first time to play bowling games. Although she thought it was hard to roll a bowling ball down a wood-structure and towards ten pins positioned at the end of the lane, she still looked forward to joining more events like this.

Another second year PhD student, Liu Yang, who had previous experience in bowling, said he enjoyed the game thanks to his good team members, and this kind of game is playable for all ages.

Bhargav Sundara Rajan, an ECE master student from India, who had never played bowling before, said it was hard to knock down ten pins at one time due to its triangular position. However, he was very happy that he made quite a few new friends in this event.

An ECE third year PhD student named Kumar Utkarsh, usually hangs out with friends or browses the internet during his spare time. He has played bowling ball before but not often and he thinks it is a valuable chance to get to know each other as well as releasing pressure.

There is another first year PhD student, Sun Chuanbowen, saying it was worth trying and he made some new friends during the game.

This event attracted much more students than we had expected. The participants were satisfied with the good atmosphere of the game and they cannot wait for the next bonding game to be held.