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Welcome to Green Energy Management & Smart Grid
Research Center

The transition towards increasingly renewable energy systems calls for novel techniques of operation, design of components and control in response to the changing power transmission and distribution net­works. Smart grid is an enabler to this end, which leverages the latest developments in control components and information technology to improve the production and distribution of electricity from power plants to transmission lines to office buildings and homes. The main goal of this research center is to integrate manifold expertise in power systems, information technology and communication systems in both academia and industry to design/develop critical missing components required for smart grid that enables building essential real-world practical applications

The research center aims to provide a unique opportunity to research scholars, graduate and undergraduate students to work on projects developed in partnership with industry and focused on solving real-world problems in the domain of energy management. Industry promoted projects will help the students in gaining a better understanding and perspective of the real-world requirements and help in translating their theoretical knowledge to tangible outputs. The opportunity to interact with the experts from industry will help in preparing a next generation of technocrats well suited for academia and industry. Our main objective is to cultivate a healthy sharing of knowledge between industry and academia through active engagement in projects, industry specific workshops, short-term courses, conferences and seminars. The research center aims to reach operational self-sustainability through the funds garnered through industrial projects and by conducting short-term courses and industry specific workshops.

The research center will have the capacity to:

  • Provide a platform for active engagement of academia with the industry to identify the technology gaps hindering the actual implementation of smart grid.

  • Establish and maintain long-term, sustainable, mutually-transformative partnership across campus and between campus and community.

  • Create a unified framework for critical assessment of contemporary technology and trends related to various aspects of smart-grid components, operation and controls, viz. generation, transmission-distribution, utilization and energy storage sub-systems with local controls, sensing & communication, load and energy management systems and system optimization.

  • Design, model and build scaled-down test bed which synergistically combines generation, control devices with information technology and wireless communication to perform experimental tests and validation of the designed smart grid components and optimization algorithms.

  • Provide industry relevant exposure and research opportunities to graduate and undergraduate students.

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