TOPIC Development of STT-MRAM and beyond, as the pursuit of saving energy consumption of memory systems 
AREA Microelectronic Technologies & Devices  
SPEAKER Dr. Hiroaki Yoda (Senior Fellow, Toshiba Corporation) 
DATE 14 March 2017, Tuesday 
TIME 2pm to 3pm 
VENUE E1-06-06, Engineering Block E1, Faculty of Engineering, NUS  
FEES No Charge 

MRAM has been developed since 1980s until now with several ups and downs. The ultimate purpose is to realize non-volatile working memories to save energy consumption of conventional volatile working memories such as SRAM and DRAM. However all of non-volatile memories have been facing a dilemma of data retention and high energy consumption in their active mode because non-volatility has led to large writing-charge, Qw, for any non-volatile memories. As a result, none of them overcame the dilemma clearly. Recently, the possibility of overcoming the dilemma was demonstrated by STT-MRAM with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy (PMA) MTJs. In this talk, STT development will be reviewed with respect to saving energy consumption and key technologies are discussed. Further, a recent proposal of spintronics-based memory, voltage-control spintronics memory is introduced.  

Dr. Yoda got his Bachelor degree in Physics from Kyusyu University, Fukuoka, Japan, and M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Washington University, St. Louis, M.O., USA. Since 1999, he has been working at Toshiba corporate R&D center for HDD and MRAM applications. He has been working on magnetic for about 30 years. He implemented the world 1st GMR based HDD heads and the world 1st demonstration of STT-writing on MTJs with perpendicular anisotropy. He got several awards including Nikkei BP grand award on GMR heads(1996), Kanto invention award on HDD read & write heads(2005), Ichimura Industrial award on HDD read & write heads(2005), and Japan national invention award on HDD read & write heads(2007).  

Host: Assoc Prof Yang Hyunsoo 

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