TOPIC CMOS Terahertz Electronics: How to Manipulate EM-field by Meta-device  
AREA Microwave & RF 
SPEAKER Assistant Professor Yu, Hao, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore 
DATE 23 October 2015, Friday 
TIME 2 pm to 4 pm 
VENUE Seminar room E5-02-32, Engineering Blk E5, Faculty of Engineering, NUS 
FEES No Charge 

Future data-oriented commuting requires energy efficient I/O links for data migration in data servers. Silicon photonic interconnect has great performance for each individual optical component under different process technology but has limited performance after integration. This talk will address the aforementioned challenge by exploring electrical interconnect solution at Terahertz with source, transmission and detector all realized in CMOS. However, the big problem here is the poor output power of source and huge crosstalk of transmission at Terahertz in CMOS. We show that with the use of meta-device (meta-material, meta-surface, spoof surface-plasmon-polariton) realized in CMOS process, one can effectively manipulate the EM-field such that in-phase power combing can be utilized to combine output power (3-5dBm) of coupled oscillators; and surface-wave can be utilized for low-crosstalk (-21dB) on-chip transmission. Demonstrated chips with measurements at 140GHz and 280GHz by standard 65nm CMOS process will be reported in this talk.  

Dr. Hao Yu obtained Ph. D degree from electrical engineering department at UCLA in 2007. Since 2010, he has been an assistant professor at school of electrical and electronic engineering and area directors at VIRTUS (IC design) and Valens (biomedical) centre of excellence, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. His primary research interest includes CMOS emerging technology (3D-IC, THz electronics) for energy-efficient links and sensors, with research funding from agency and industry (Intel, Huawei, Oracle). He has 160 peer-reviewed IEEE/ACM publications, 4 books, 1 best paper award of ACM Transaction, 1 keynote talk, 3 best paper award nominations, 3 student paper competition (advisor) finalists, 1 inventor award from semiconductor research cooperation (SRC), and 10 pending patents. He is associate editor and technical program committee member of many IEEE/ACM international journals and conferences. He is a senior member of IEEE and member of ACM. More information can be found from his group website at:

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