ECE Open House 2017

13 May 2017

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering held its 2017 ECE@NUS Open House on 13 May 2017 (Saturday) at Lecture Theatre 6 (LT6).

Around 100 incoming and potential students attended the event, and many parents also came along to find out more about ECE@NUS, be it on curriculum matters, projects, research etc. on what ECE has to offer and also to have a feel of the NUS environment in general.

Besides the presentations by Head of Department, Prof John Thong and also Deputy Head, Assoc. Prof. Arthur Tay, there was also a robust and an interesting sharing session with a panel of current students. Students and parents also appreciated and were amazed with the special UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) light show put up by the NUS UAV Research Group, led by ECE Professor Ben Chen.

Various exhibits were also displayed outside LT6 to showcase some of the interesting research carried out by ECE’s team of academia, researchers and students. Students and parents had the opportunity to find out more about research in ECE and interact with faculty staff, researchers and also students who shared their experiences and challenges in working on research projects.

There were also tours to ECE’s student project labs where students and parents had the opportunity to have some hands-on in the exciting ECE student projects conducted in ECE labs and a good orientation feel of working in the labs.

Video clip of UAV formation flight at ECE Open House 2017

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