Research Areas

Photonics ICs, Sensors and Optical MEMS/NEMS
PIs – C. Lee, G. Zhou and K. W Ang

Optical MEMS & Infrared MEMS for IoT, Consumer Electronics and Environment Monitoring

  1. Micro-mirror for heads-up display, pico-projection
  2. IR microscale radiation source and thermopile array for NDIR gas-sensing systems
  3. MEMS based tunable Fabry-Perot Filters
  4. Self-powered air flow sensors
  5. Sensors for measuring liquid density and viscosity

MEMS for Optical Communication and Telecom

  1. VOA and optical switches, and their array for advanced optical network, driven by electrostatic, piezoelectric, electromagnetic and electrothermal actuation mechanisms


  1. Photonic crystals (PCs) and optical waveguides for lasers, waveguides, filters, modulators and sensors
  2. NEMS based tunable photonics in Near IR and Mid IR regime
  3. Plasmonic sensors


  1. Geometrically changing the metamaterial unit cells by using MEMS actuators
  2. Tunable THz metamaterials for wireless communications, sensing and spectroscopy
  3. Microscale THz light sources and detectors

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